Acai Butter

Benefits of Acai Butter

Why acai has so many benefits?

Acai berries are native to rainforests of South America and grow on acai palm trees. The acai berries whose seed constitutes 80 per cent of the fruit is considered to be a superfood because of the high content of nutrients. These berries are high in fiber content and fats that are healthy for hearts. They are also a great source of antioxidants which are responsible for protecting us from various diseases.

Acai berries are a great natural source of fatty acids and as many as 19 amino acids. They are believed to have a number of health benefits starting from improved skin appearance to treatment of heart diseases and cancer, though such beliefs are not backed by credible by evidence. Age-induced brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases have no cure. But the antioxidant anthocyanin found in plenty in acai berries can lower oxidative stress and inflammation and promote brain health, alluding that acai berries are good in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Acai is extensively used in various beauty products such as acai mask where it is used for its rich vitamins A, B, C, and E content and antioxidant properties. Acai beauty products claim to revive your skin and cure damaged skin cells. It also restores moisture in the skin.

Fruit butters are good for skin health as they offer high degree of moisturization and also boost cell regeneration. By increasing collagen synthesis, it can help remove fine lines and wrinkles through free radical scavenging. In order to prepare acai butter, whole acai berries or freeze dried berries and micronized before adding to other butters to make it into soft and spreadable butter. The indigenous Brazilian people have been using different formulations of berries such as acai butter and acai mask for centuries to treat various skin diseases as well as to reinvigorate their skin. Commercial acai formulations often claim to take their inspiration from these people who use acai berries as part of generations-old practice.

Acai butter can be used to give the skin a healthy and attractive glow. It has anti-aging qualities, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, clears spots and blemishes, fights cancer, cuts down bad cholesterol and improves digestive system. It can be used in a number of beauty formulations such as anti-aging serums, balms, anti-wrinkle creams and facial products and soaps to derive the maximum advantage. Acai butter is an important ingredient for personal care industry.

There are a number of acai mask and beauty products available in the market which uses acai butter and acai oil in their preparation. Some of these products claim to be inspired by Amazonian tribes who use acai based formulations as a daily ritual for better skin health. The 100 per cent vegan acai mask exfoliates the dull skin to look fresh and radiant.


Looking at the health benefits, especially in skin care, acai mask and other beauty products should be given a try. They remove the signs of fatigue and stress from the skin and give it a fresh and vibrant look. You should definitely try acai-based beauty and facial products which can be prepared even at home from fresh or frozen acai berries or acai berry powder.

A powerhouse of nutrients including vitamins and minerals, fatty and amino acids, and antioxidents, acai can do wonders to your skin and overall health. You can safely apply acai formulations on your face and skin as they are not known to be allergic. In fact, it can be one of the best natural products to be used on the skin. However, doing a patch test is a good idea before using it. For this, you can make a paste of acai power with water and apply it on inner wrist or elbow and leave it for 12-24 hours to notice if there were any negative effects such as swelling, redness, rashness, itching. If there is no negative result, you can use it safely on your skin including the face. Commercial acai masks are generally very expensive so it is not a bad idea to prepare some acai formulations for your skin at home and be ready for a youthful and supple skin.