Acai in Food

Acai is a berry which is marked as a super food.

The nutritional value of this fruit has made it a rich food.

The fruit has a big seed and the seed shares almost 80 percent of the fruit. The pulp section of the fruit is only 20 percent. The fruit is purple colored and it has a metal like taste with slight bitterness.

The fruit is a rich source of antioxidants. The fruit is found In the rain forests of Amazon. There are some really good vitamins in the fruit.

Why Acai is used in many healthy recipes?

Acai is not just only a fruit, but it's more nutritious than the black berries. The food has some good amount of amino acids and fatty acids.

For a healthy heart, these amino acids are really good. The Anthocyanin, that is present in the Acai fruit is good for heart health. For the weight loss diet, Acai fruit is really beneficial. Apart from this, for the skin the Acai mask is also famous.

The uses of Acai in foods

Acai fruit is available in many forms in the market. The Acai in powder form, Acai in raw form, frozen Acai, Acai juice are popular in the market. Even the acai seeds for their great nutritional value, are used to make different recipes.

Some healthy recipes of Acai are discussed below

  1. Acai Bowls

Acai bowls are made with different fruits. The nutritional value of Acai with other fruits can give a really great start in the morning.

To make the bowl you need - Some Acai fruits, two frozen bananas, almond milk, frozen raspberries, frozen mango slices, flax seed meal, granola, one fresh banana, and some slices of coconut.

You can also take frozen Acai paste from the store. Some people use acai powder to make this bowl.

How to eat the Acai bowl

Put all the frozen fruits including the Acai in the blender. Don't put the fresh banana, the slices of coconut and granola in the blender.

Mix all of it and put it in a bowl. Now garnish the bowl with the slices of fresh banana, the slices of coconut and with some granola.

This Acai bowl is full with fresh nutrients and vitamins.

Acai bowl with Acai powder recipe

Acai powder can be used to make an Acai bowl.

For this you need, two frozen bananas, almond milk, some frozen raspberries, one zucchini, a spoon of almond butter, one tablespoon of Acai powder, a pinch of turmeric and a pinch of cinnamon powder.

Now mix all of them well in a blender. Then, take the mixture in a bowl and top it with some fresh mangoes and granola.

Eat this healthy food bowl for nutrition.

Acai berry juice

For the weight loss purpose Acai juice is drank by many people.

Acai berry juice can be bought from the market. But to have fresh Acai juice, you have to make it yourself.

It's a simple process.

To make the Acai berry juice, you need one third cup of orange juice, one cup of Acai berries, one cup of strawberries, one banana. You can also use Acai frozen pulp to make the juice.

Now put all these things in blender and your juice will be ready.

It's hard to find Acai berries in fresh form. You can get the frozen Acai berries from the market.

Acai Seeds and its uses in different foods

Acai seeds can be eaten with almost all the foods.

You can soak the seeds and use it on top of yogurts. With the vegetables the seeds are also good.

As the seed can absorb water, they can be pasted to make a jelly like substance. You can add them to any food to make the food rich with antioxidants.

These seeds are super foods and they have some great nutritional value.

Acai berries are truly a super food. They can prevent cancer and they have some ingredients to keep our heart healthy.

There are many ways to put Acai berries in your food. You can try the above recipes. You can also discover some new ways to have these fruits in your food.

The fruits are really good for its anti-aging properties. So, some people use this Acai mask to make their skin more glowing.