Brazilian Beauty Secrets You Need to Try

Brazilian Beauty Secrets You Need to Try

With supermodels like Gisele and Adriana Lima dominating the runways for decades, it seems like Brazilian women must have invented the eternally glowing goddess look. At the very least, they perfected it with some beauty secrets that everyone should know:

Try a Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massages (clinically referred to as “manual lymphatic drainage”) are specialized massages that focus on stimulating the lymph system. This treatment is recommended for a number of health conditions, from chronic fatigue to breast cancer survivors, but anyone can benefit— and Brazilian women frequently do! Estheticians perform a specific form of this massage for the face, which prevents a buildup of toxins and fluids, making your skin healthier, brighter, and more youthful.

It’s Never Too Early to Use Anti-Aging Products

Many Brazilian women start taking care of their skin well before they develop any skin conditions; some women begin seeing dermatologists as preteens and will make use of anti-aging skin care products well before their 30th birthdays. Starting on an anti-aging regimen before you begin seeing signs of aging is never a bad idea, since it’s easier to prevent the damage and weakening of the skin before it happens. That said, signs of aging are reversible, so while an early start is good, it’s never too late to start either.

Appreciate Nature

Brazilians appreciate nothing more than the beauty of nature, and in return nature imparts some of its beauty to them. Look for all-natural or naturally-derived ingredients in your skin products and enjoy more time in the fresh air! What better way to get the effortless, beachy look than to spend a day at the beach?

Be Bold and Feel Bold

Let’s be honest, confidence is the most striking quality Brazilian women possess. Try to harness some of that confidence for yourself by following in their footsteps: go dancing, dress colorfully, be the best version of yourself!