The Secret: How Brazilian Supermodels Seem To Never Age

The Secret: How Brazilian Supermodels Seem To Never Age

Gisele Bündchen has been one of the highest paid models since 2004. Adriana Lima has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 1999. Alessandra Ambrosio has also been a long-time Victoria’s Secret model; she started as the first spokesmodel for their PINK line in 2006. We’re now nearing 2019, and these women still dominate the modeling world. For nearly two decades fans have been trying to figure out their secret to how they never seem to age, and now we finally have the answer!

Ageless Beauty is in Their Roots

No, we don’t mean their genes (although they’re definitely not lacking in natural beauty!). We mean their home country Brazil! Brazil holds the majority of the Amazon Rainforest, which is an abundant source for natural remedies, especially natural anti-aging ingredients. A few of the key ingredients found in the Amazon include:

  1. Acmella oleracea, which can reduce muscle contractions under the skin
  2. Acacia gum, which can lift skin and add to its natural elasticity
  3. Acai stem cells, a powerful antioxidant that can prevent signs of aging (Caroline Trentini uses raw acai in her skin care routine!)
  4. Camu camu, which contains more vitamin C than oranges to help brighten skin

Brazilian supermodels use a mix of natural home remedies and carefully tested regimens. Most supermodels regularly consult with a trusted dermatologist! This is perhaps the most important aspect to skincare; always look for scientifically-backed, natural ingredients in clinical doses. You won’t often hear of a Brazilian supermodel falling prey to the latest skincare trend, since they only use the most thoroughly tested regimens and natural skincare ingredients that show tangible results.

Luckily for us, the ageless beauty of Brazilian supermodels is no longer a secret, and even luckier, ageless beauty is attainable! Model or not, anyone can start incorporating natural, effective ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest into their skin routines, and some careful research into ingredient dosages can make a big difference between what works and what doesn’t. Turns out, we actually should be reading that tiny font on the back of the bottles! Who knew?