Forget Botox: Here’s a Natural and Healthy Solution to Keep You Looking Young

Forget Botox: Here’s a Natural and Healthy Solution to Keep You Looking Young

Have you ever wondered what a Botox injection might do for you? Everyone wants to hold onto their youth, and we have all had passing thoughts about cosmetic injections and surgeries that might help us achieve that. But here’s the reality about Botox: it’s costly, requires a lot of upkeep, and isn’t always the best option for your individual needs!

There’s a Better Way

There’s a better way to firm and plump your skin without an injection or an expensive consultation fee: Bratoxinsta (our instant face lift product). It may sound clinical, but Bratoxinsta is actually a naturally-derived remedy with roots in the Amazon Rainforest! Its innovative formula combines the best of science and nature to create a powerful Botox-like effect on your skin in just 60 seconds with one easy application. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Science & Nature Combined: 4 Active Ingredients

Well, it is true! There are 4 active ingredients that make Bratoxinsta as effective as it is, and we guarantee you’ve heard of some of them:

  1. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: This is a mineral refined from clay, and much like a mud mask, it works to brighten skin and smooth the appearance of under-eye puffiness, sagging, and fine lines.
  2. Peptide Complex: Peptides are made up of amino acids (i.e. they’re fragments of proteins) that can be combined to make specific proteins that the skin needs. Without these essential proteins, skin can lose its elasticity over time, which is where our peptide complex comes in to supplement and increase the skin’s natural collagen production.
  3. Stem Cell Complex: These stem cells come entirely from plants, and you may have actually had one of these plants in a protein smoothie lately. We’re talking about acai! Acai stem cells deliver much-needed antioxidants to the skin to prevent oxidative stress that leads to dullness and signs of aging.
  4. Chrondus Crispus Extract: Or in layman’s terms, seaweed extract. This type of seaweed has essential vitamins and trace minerals that help keep skin hydrated.

If you don’t believe this natural and healthy anti-aging remedy can top Botox, this video will definitely change your mind: