Snap to It: Get Younger Skin Faster

Our skin ages for many reasons, but the main cause of visible aging and wrinkles is a loss of collagen and elastin. It’s popular belief that fillers and facelifts are the only solution to this inevitable problem, but that’s no longer the case! There’s a non-surgical solution and it’s found in peptides: the peptide SNAP-8 in particular.

We’ve discussed the benefits of peptides for anti-aging skin care before, but it’s worthwhile to look at SNAP-8, the key player in both the Botox-enhancer Bratoxinsta and the Botox-alternative Bratoxin (in which Snap-8 is clinically dosed at its most effective concentration). First, here’s a refresher on peptides: they are protein fragments and essential building blocks for skin cells. Responsible for the skin’s firmness, lift, and elasticity, peptides can be applied through a topical serum that improves the skin’s appearance immediately and cumulatively with regular use.

The Argireline peptide (acetyl hexapeptide-8) was a revolutionary innovation in anti-aging skin care, since its effects on the skin are similar to Botox. SNAP-8 is the next revelation in this anti-aging research. SNAP-8 is acetyl octapeptide-3, an elongation of Argireline that is even more effective at reducing wrinkles caused by expression lines. While they both work the same way by disrupting the process that creates muscle contractions and thus wrinkles, Argireline reduced wrinkles by an average of 27%, while SNAP-8 reduced them by an average of nearly 35%. The highest wrinkle reduction by SNAP-8 was seen at an astonishing 63%, showing significantly more impact than the modest effects of moisturizer alone.

As with all peptides, SNAP-8 works best as part of a team, which is why Bratoxinsta combines it with Argireline and four other powerful peptides in a highly effective complex. While this peptide complex works on preventing the underlying causes of wrinkles, Bratoxinsta’s other ingredients can begin hydrating, smoothing, and protecting your skin—giving you a younger appearance instantly and for the long-term.