Papaya Face Mask

A fresh-looking and glowing skin is always everybody's dream to have one. In this age and time, the skin goes through many horrible situations. It may be due to pollution, stressful life, or not eating a proper diet. These things show up on face with the skin becoming saggy, wrinkled, and dull. Getting a good sleep and having vegetables and fruits in your diet can help somewhat. Changing soaps can do their bit to help too. Face masks available in the market often contain chemicals often have side effects over time. An organic face mask, on the other hand, will give you a healthy looking skin without any side effects.

You can go to a spa to get your face toned and bring back its sheen or you can do it yourself at home. Fruits, like papaya, orange, and others can also be used as face masks. They have some good things to offer to the skin. Papaya with its exfoliation properties is prominently used in face masks. We will discuss more about the benefits of papaya and how to use it in a face mask in the coming sections.

Why papaya is good for a face mask

There are many skincare and health benefits of papaya.

  • It is a rich source of vitamin A and C. These vitamins work as antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that make your skin wrinkled, creepy, and saggy. Vitamin A and C in papaya prevent premature aging by getting rid of free radicals.
  • The beta hydroxy acid in papaya works as an excellent exfoliator, ironing out uneven surfaces and removing layers of dead skin to reveal your glowing skin. This acid also removes dirt and oil, thus preventing acne breakouts.
  • Papaya contains flavanoids which helps in growth of support structures of the skin to keep it smooth for longer periods of time.
  • Papain, the enzyme found only in papaya, increases the effect of beta hydroxy acid, thus, in turn, helping the exfoliation process resulting in a glowing and radiant skin.
  • Besides Papain, there are many other enzymes that help in calming irritated skin and reduce inflammation caused by pollution, allergens, and sun exposure.
  • Papaya contains many antifungal compounds that help kill topical fungal infections caused by yeast and dermatophytes.

Some do-it-yourself papaya face masks

With all good things said about papaya, now we talk about how to make a papaya face mask. Here we list some Do-It-Yourself papaya masks that you can try at home.

Papaya- honey- and milk -face- mask

This simple face mask will take you less than 10 minutes to make. This brings soft and supple feeling back to the dry skin and also adds some amount of fairness.


  • 1/2- cup- mashed -papaya
  • 2- teaspoons- milk
  • 1- tablespoon- honey


  1. Put peeled papaya pieces into the blender and blend it like a puree.
  2. Pour it into the mixing bowl.
  3. Then add 2 teaspoons of whole milk and 1 tablespoon of honey and mix it well.
  4. Your face mask is now ready to be used.

Papaya- honey- and egg- face- mask

This face mask can be done easily within a few minutes. This face mask adds a good amount of softness because of the egg present in it and gives a smooth contour to the skin by removing layers of peeled skin.


  • 1/2- cup -of- papaya
  • 1- egg- white
  • 1- teaspoon- honey


  1. Mash peeled papaya pieces using blender to get to the consistency of a puree.
  2. Pour the papaya puree into the bowl.
  3. Whip the egg white until frothy and transfer it to the mixing bowl.
  4. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to it.
  5. Stir all three ingredients together until everything is mixed well.
  6. Your face mask is now ready for use.

Using face mask

  1. Wash your face with warm water using a cleanser or a soap to remove any makeup, oil, and/or dirt.
  2. Wipe your face with a soft towel.
  3. Apply the papaya face mask to your skin evenly and leave it for 15-20 minutes to dry.
  4. Wash the mask with lukewarm water, gently rubbing and taking it off.
  5. Pat dry with a soft cloth/towel.
  6. Your skin will now look radiant, glowing, and fresh.

There are many benefits and ways to incorporate fruits into your skin care. Facial masks using fruits is an effective method and can be done easily in no time. They will give you a healthy-looking fresh, and a babylike skin.

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