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Peptides: The Miracle Botox Enhancers

If you’re in between Botox treatments, but already beginning to see fine lines appearing again, don’t worry! There’s a scientifically-proven way to enhance and extend the effects of Botox. The secret lies in protein fragments called peptides.

Peptides are fundamental building blocks for skin cells, and without them, skin will lose its firmness, lift, and smooth texture. Returning them to the skin through expertly formulated serums can help replenish and restore aging skin to its youthful elasticity and glow. The key to peptides’ success is teamwork; no single peptide is the solution to aging skin, but together they can work miracles! The best evidence of this is found in the Brazilian Facelift regimen, with its ideal balance of several peptides, including the Leuphasyl peptide and Argireline peptide, among others.

Leuphasyl Peptide (Pentapeptide-18)

This peptide complements Botox by “turning down” the reactivity of the nerve cells in facial muscles. In order for muscles to contract, the nerves need to be activated through a process called the SNARE complex, in which certain proteins are transmitted between synapses, triggering neurotransmitter release, which in turn triggers contractions. Botox cleaves these SNARE proteins, preventing neurotransmitters from being released, and as Botox leaves our system, more SNARE proteins can continue unhindered.

This is where Leuphasyl steps in: the neurotransmitter for contractions may have been released, but Leuphasyl blocks its passage out of the synapse, preventing communication between nerves that would cause contractions.

In essence, this peptide is a safety net for when Botox begins to lose its effectiveness. Acting alone, Leuphasyl reduces wrinkles by over 11%, but when paired with Argireline, it’s even more effective.

Study courtesy of Lipotec.

Argireline Peptide (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8)

In the SNARE complex, Argireline peptide acts similarly to Botox, except rather than destroying the key proteins involved, this peptide competes with them for positions in the SNARE complex’s receptors. This destabilizes the process and greatly reduces the degree of neurotransmitters that can be released. Then, if combined with Leuphasyl, any rogue neurotransmitters are blocked before leaving the synapse.

Alone, Argireline reduces wrinkles by an average of 17%, and by nearly 25% if paired with Leuphasyl thanks to their synergistic effect.

Make Botox Last Longer

You can enhance and extend the effects of Botox for weeks or months by adding these peptides to your skin routine. Since frequent Botox treatments can make your skin grow tolerant to its effects, you could save yourself time and money in the future by increasing the time between treatments!

Bratoxinsta combines the power of the above peptides and more, giving you a similar appearance to Botox without another injection. For an even more potent solution, BRZLNSKIN will soon be introducing BTX-BOOST, a highly concentrated blend of peptides that supports and increases myorelaxant activity. Cancel that next doctor’s appointment—you won’t need it thanks to Bratoxinsta’s and BTX-BOOST’s powerful peptide complex!