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Stem Cells & Anti-Aging Skin Care: How It Works

Stem cells are popping up as an ingredient in all kinds of high-end creams and serums, but what exactly are stem cells and how do they work? Just like how stem cells can illuminate your skin, we can illuminate you on the science behind them:

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are an essential part of any multicellular organism—e.g. plants, animals, humans. These cells have the amazing ability to become any type of specialized cell, meaning they can adapt to fill the role of any type of cell. They naturally exist throughout our body, and stem cells that are just below our skin are believed to play a key role in tissue renewal and stimulating collagen production.

Where do stem cells in skin care products come from?

The stem cells that are used in skin care products are extractions from plants—usually from fruit, in particular. Even though they sound like something synthesized in a lab, they are actually sustainably and naturally derived. The specific type of plant they are extracted from depends on the additional benefits they may provide. Research in this area is ongoing, but some plant stem cells extracts may be particularly suited to anti-aging skin care. Açai stem cells, for example, showed not only regenerative properties in clinical studies, but also showed photo-protectant and hydrating properties.

How can plant stem cells keep us looking younger?

Plant stem cell extracts are extremely high in antioxidants; they’re up to 1,000 times more potent in antioxidants than other botanical extracts! Antioxidants limit and prevent damage to skin cells, which in turn will slow the signs of aging and sun damage. Additionally, plant stem cell extracts stimulate more frequent cell turnover, bringing newer cells to the surface of the skin, and can stimulate natural collagen production, which plumps and strengthens the skin’s structure. All of these benefits lead to fewer wrinkles and younger looking skin!

If you want to test out the benefits of cosmetic plant stem cells for yourself, try BRZLNSKIN’s Brazilian Facelift, a topical regimen that utilizes the power of stem cell extracts from açai palms!