The Key to Younger Looking Skin Will Shock You

The Key to Younger Looking Skin Will Shock You

For a long time, achieving younger looking skin required injections, surgical procedures, or expensive resurfacing treatments. Meanwhile, cosmetic creams that promised effects just as powerful have had some disappointing results. Don’t worry, though, you’re not resigned to pricey procedures and needles when it comes to anti-aging options; the key to younger looking skin is this:

A plant! But not just any plant, this is acmella oleracea, a native flowering herb of the Amazon Rainforest. In Brazil it’s known as “Jambu,” and you may know it as “paracress” or the “toothache plant.” It has been commonly used as a medicinal herb for stammering, tooth pain, and stomatitis, and is also a popular culinary spice due to its mouth-watering effects and cooling sensation. Only recently have we discovered its anti-aging properties!

Acmella oleracea contains a myorelaxant called spilanthol, which inhibits the contractions of facial muscles under the skin that cause wrinkles. It also tightens the skin’s collagen fiber network and stimulates fibroblast activity. The results are an almost instant Botox-like reduction in wrinkles, leaving you with smooth, younger looking skin with none of the pain or side effects of injections. Best of all, the effects are cumulative with regular use, meaning you’ll slow the development of dynamic wrinkles rather than just disguising them temporarily.

Clinical studies showed that as little as a 0.6% concentration of this miracle plant worked within 24 hours, and products like Bratoxin containing a 2% concentration work extremely well, with cumulative wrinkling smoothing effects.

Watch acmella oleracea work magic through Bratoxin: