Things You Didn’t Know About Botox

Advancement in technology has opened very many doors for inventions and discoveries. Today, for example, there are very many ways that have been developed to help in enhancing appearance of the human body. Botox is a great example of the benefits of technology and science today. Botox can be easily defined as a drug that has been prepared primarily from a toxin known as botulinum from the bacteria Chlostridium botulinum. Botox is a common term that many people have come across today and many more people have actually used the product. Botox is mainly used as a treatment for muscle conditions and also for temporal removal of wrinkles from the face. Even though there are very any people in the world that have either used Botox or know people that use Botox, there is only a few people that actually know a lot about the product. It is therefore safe to say that there are many things about Botox that are yet to be known by many people.

5 things people may not know about Botox

As mentioned above, there are very many things that people do not know about Botox. Below are the top 5 things about Botox that many people may not know today:

  1. Botox is not only effective for the face it can also be used for the neck

This is something that many people may not know about Botox today. As mentioned above, Botox is mainly used by people to get rid of wrinkles temporarily. Most people that use Botox for this purpose usually use it on the face alone. However, Botox experts reveal that it is also very effective for the neck. Most of the people in their late 30s and 40s begin to see bands on the neck even when they are not clenching. The effect of these bands is that they pull down the jawline and destroy the definition of the jawline. Botox can be helpful to get rid of these bands but it should not be overdone.

  1. There is hope for a Botox gel

Many people that know about Botox know that you have to undergo an injection or several injections to administer Botox. While this is a small price to pay for many people, there are many more that shy away from using Botox for fear of the needles. However the US Biopharmaceutical Company Revance is working on a gel that once tested and approved will be topically applied.

  1. The cost varies

Today, there are very many places you can get Botox from clinics to spas and even hair dressing shops. Due to this, it is possible and easy for you to find good quality Botox at an affordable price. Gone are the days when you would only buy Botox from the leading online stores and pharmaceutical companies at a high cost.

  1. It is also useful in reducing sweating

People who suffer from a condition known as hyper-hidrosis sweat excessively. What these and other people do not know is that Botox can be injected into the areas that experience excessive sweating. One of the Botox websites available today says that the effects of one injection can last for up to 7 months.

  1. Botox can last longer

More Botox does not necessarily mean that it will last longer. Some of the tips to ensure that Botox lasts longer include choosing an expert to administer it to you and stay away from face masks and toners. These products can negatively interfere with the Botox and the effects will therefore wear off fast. Getting Botox treatments regularly but not too frequently ensure that the muscles do not become resistant ensuring the Botox lasts longer.

Botox is a common practice that is used by many people to temporarily get rid of wrinkles and achieve a better appearance. However, Botox has many other uses and benefits. Some of the celebrities use Botox for their feet to prevent the pain from wearing heels all day and some even use Botox to enhance their smile.

Generally, Botox can be used for many other varied reasons in addition to what it is being used for today. However, it is also important to ensure that it is administered by a professional to avoid accidents and fatalities.

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