Why Victoria’s Secret’s Lead Dermatologist Recommends BRZLNSKIN

Why Victoria’s Secret’s Lead Dermatologist Recommends BRZLNSKIN

Victoria’s Secret models take their skincare seriously; they book dermatology appointments for treatments right before photoshoots and walking the runway and consult their favorite dermatologists year-round. You might also notice that many Victoria’s Secret Angels hail from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is no coincidence. Rising and established models from Brazil seek out Dr. Andrea Godoy in Sao Paulo for their skincare needs and quickly ascend to supermodel status.

Dr. Godoy is a leading expert in dermatology, responsible for the ageless beauty of several Brazilian supermodels. Luckily for those of us not able to travel to Brazil for her expertise, we can still aspire to the youthful, healthy skin of Victoria’s Secret Angels with the skincare regimen she recommends to her clients: BRZLNSKIN’s Brazilian Facelift.

Otherwise known as the “natural Brazilian botox, Dr. Godoy has this to say about the 3-product regimen: “The natural Brazilian Botox is perhaps the work of a genius. In this beautifying procedure, instead of toxins, some of the healthiest and most natural extracts are applied to the skin to help everyone achieve that healthy and happy glow that until now was only found on Brazilian models….[It is] a natural miracle of the Amazon.”

BRZLNSKIN products are made up of natural ingredients like snail mucin, acai, and acmella oleracea that Brazilian women have been using as DIY solutions for decades and have now been thoroughly researched and studied in part by Dr. Godoy herself. She also favors the Brazilian Facelift regimen for its natural-looking effects that rival and often surpass cosmetic injections.

“When I get models in my office,” she explains, “their main request is that it does not look artificial. More specifically, they ask for a procedure that will keep their natural features completely intact, but only more rejuvenated, fresh, and young.”