Ever wonder what is the secret behind that fabulous Brazilian Luminous Skin?

Ever wonder what is the secret behind that fabulous Brazilian Luminous Skin?

Gone are the days of lusting over the beautiful luminous skin of Brazilian supermodels! In order to ensure luminous skin year-round, it’s integral to incorporate a body scrub to your routine. A body scrub reveals younger, glowing skin underneath by gently removing dead skin cells. To sweeten your supermodel-Esq beach bod, we’ve crafted a body scrub with the best Amazonian ingredients to give your skin the royal treatment. Brazilian Skin is thrilled to launch the new Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) + Vit C Jelly Scrub ! Brazilian Skin is an anti-aging skincare brand with clinically tested products utilizing naturally derived ingredients from the Brazilian Rainforest, combining peptides and technology to create optimal products that work.This scrub addresses all major skin concerns including free radical damage, aging, dull skin, and overall lack of youthful glow! The power lies in Pitaya, a nutrient-packed beauty super ingredient. We’ve perfected a concoction of this pitaya, vitamin C, Jojoba beads, and Glycerin, resulting in a magical smelling and effective body scrub that will become an essential step of your routine in no time! Say goodbye to rough patches and dry skin, because it’s almost bikini season!


Brazilian Skin - Pitaya + Vit C Jelly Scrub


The Importance of Using a Body Scrub

A great body scrub is the skincare secret of Brazilian supermodels for a reason! Body scrubs work to gently remove dead skin cells from the top of the skin’s surface, which smooths and softens the skin while promoting skin cell turnover. This skin cell turnover is the secret behind the glowing youthful bodies and legs often seen on the beach. Consistent use of a body scrub will prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps from congestion under the skin, which will keep your legs razor bump-free and ready for any outfit! Gisele Bündchen , move over!


Popular body scrubs include: Herbivore’s Amethyst Body Polish, The Seaweed Bath Co Exfoliating Detox Scrub, and on the more affordable end, Neutrogena’s Body Clear Body Scrub. While these scrubs do the job, they lack our powerful secret: the Amazon and Pitaya, a beauty superpower. We’ve taken the market for body scrubs to a new level with our powerful formula and gentle ingredients. Furthermore, the scent and texture of this scrub are to die for, and you will feel like you’re at the spa in no time.

Ingredient Spotlight: Pitaya (Hylocereus Undatus Fruit Extract)

Pitaya, or Dragon fruit, hails from the Amazon in Brazil and we have the best there is! The fruit is famous for its beautiful pink color and tropical skin, but the superfood has heaps of benefits for your skin as well. Pitaya was originally used to treat sunburns, as people found it to be very soothing after catching too much sun at the beach. It contains Vitamin B, which is what helps soothe the skin and reduces itchiness after a sunburn. The antimicrobial properties also helped make sure that the burnt area does not become infected. However, once people realized how well Pitaya was working for burns, it became very popular, and it was discovered that it has several other powerful properties when it’s applied topically on the skin. In addition to its healing powers, it makes the skin glow, is a natural moisturizer, reduces acne, and fights premature aging and free radical damage. The water-rich fruit has polyphenolic compounds as well as Vitamin C to pack a powerful punch. The skin of the fruit itself has antimicrobial properties, so it helps fight acne and inflammation through controlling sebum production. These antioxidants in pitaya help slow down the aging process by fighting free radicals in the body. Free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons and are found from the foods we eat, alcohol, pesticides, and unavoidable air pollutants that we come into contact with every day.


Free radical damage is also caused by too much time in the sun. These free radicals are harmful to the skin, leading to the “radical theory of aging”, which is how atoms are taken from the molecules in the skin, and this damages our skin cells, leading to accelerated aging. Free radicals break down the skin’s collagen, leading to wrinkles and skin appearing loose or saggy because the skin is weak. To combat the radical theory of aging, experts cite antioxidants as capable of fighting damaging free radicals off! Cue pitaya! The fruit is able to fight these free radicals due to its natural properties, and to make the scrub even more effective, we have added Vitamin C, another free radical, anti-aging fighter!

Ingredient Spotlight: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Vitamin C is a proven friend of glowing, luminous skin! The concentrated antioxidant promotes bright skin by treating dark spots and acting as a natural exfoliant. As mentioned, it also works to fight free radical damage that leads to dark spots and loose, saggy skin from weakened skin cells and loss of collagen. Vitamin C rejuvenates skin because it is a main ingredient of collagen, which protects the skin’s luminous youthful glow! Collagen metabolism is an essential function of glowing skin. It also firms the skin by addressing signs of aging.

Ingredient Spotlight: Jojoba Esters

Jojoba beads are here to do the job for you by gently exfoliating dead skin cells, revealing the more youthful and glowing skin underneath! Jojoba esters are biodegradable and the individual beads have smooth edges, which means you don’t have to worry about creating small tears on the surface of the skin as you’re using the scrub. They’re gentle yet effective and come from the natural jojoba oil, making them a more eco-friendly choice than traditional scrubs which use microbeads, since microbeads are in many beauty products on the market and are made of plastic and cause plastic particle water pollution.

Ingredient Spotlight: Glycerin

Glycerin is our last (but certainly not least), powerful player! It acts as a humectant to bring the skin the hydration that’s essential for the smooth and luminous glow we crave. It is a common ingredient in skin care products because it improves the skin’s moisture content, which is great! Hydrated skin brings the “supermodel” glow, since moisturization prevents tearing of the skin and plumps lines on the face.


Product Spotlight: BRAZILIAN SKIN's Pitaya + Vit C Jelly Body Scrub

Brazilian Skin has taken their acclaimed skincare recipes from the face to the body! The Pitaya + Vit C Jelly Body Scrub is the ultimate combination of skin-boosting superstars and will bring you glowing youthful skin. All major skin concerns are targeted by the scrub, including dry skin, dullness, aging, uneven skin tone, and more! This perfected formula hydrates the skin while smoothing, tightening, and improving elasticity in the skin.

Pitaya is your new secret weapon in fighting free radicals, aging, and dull skin! While the pitaya, Vitamin C, Jojoba, and Glycerine are at work, you will get the entire supermodel luxury experience through the beautiful and luxurious texture and smell of the scrub! The Jelly texture glides over the skin effortlessly, lubricating the Jojoba beads so that they are able to remove dead skin gently and effectively. The smell is incredibly luxurious and will transport you right to an amazing spa in Brazil! It’s never been easier than ever to get supermodel smooth skin! To use the scrub, simply apply the scrub to dry skin before getting in the shower, and massage it gently in circular motions. Then, hop in the shower or just rinse off with warm water.

With regular use, you will be thrilled to find that the skin is brighter and smoother than ever before! We recommend that you use the scrub one to three times per week, and always follow up with your favorite moisturizer. The days of rough patchy skin are over, and you are going to be getting compliments on your skin left and right!

Pitaya + Vit C Jelly Body Scrub is a revolutionary skincare secret that is about to become a staple in your regimen. Smooth skin, here you come!