3 Causes of Skin Aging

Our skin starts to age right from the moment we are born. However, we start to see a physical change on the skin when we are in our twenties. And, these changes start to become most prominent in our thirties.

There are different signs of aging skin such as dryness—when the sebaceous glands start to produce less oil that required for natural moisturization of the skin.  The elasticity of the skin is reduced which leads to the formation of wrinkles. And many more.

In this article we are going to discuss some 3 causes of skin aging.

1. Sun Exposure

When the skin is frequently exposed to the sun, the ultra-violet rays (UV radiation) from the sun cause damage to it. In fact, it is the main cause of an early aging skin as it is responsible for about 90% of it. This cause of aging through sun exposure is known as photoaging.

The more the skin is exposed to the sun, the more it loses its elasticity. Thereby causing fine lines and wrinkles to form. It would also lose its ability to regenerate and repair itself which leads to hyperpigmentation. Another effect of sun exposure on the skin is, it inhibits the production of collagen—a protein that is produced by the skin to maintain its elasticity and firmness. In short, it is the skin’s natural defense for aging.

Of course, you can always protect your lovely skin when the right measure is taken. Do not intentionally expose your skin to the sun in the name of beautifying it. That would cause more damage to it than good as your natural skin tone is unique to you. Also, this sun damage could be prevented by applying sunscreen between SPF 15 and 50. Or by wearing appropriate clothing that cover and protect the skin from the sun.

2. Oxidation

Oxidation is a process where oxygen combines with free radicals in the body. Making the body and skin to degenerate. Free radicals are some uncharged
electrons in the molecule of an atom. Because these electrons are not paired, they can easily react with other electrons in the body. And, by doing so, they cause damage to it.

The more the body is exposed to stress, the higher the oxidation process that is beyond what the body’s natural antioxidants can withstand. Therefore, it is
always and highly advisable to eat a lot of food and fruits that are very rich in antioxidants like kale, strawberries, goji berries, blue berries, pomegranates, and
dark chocolates etc.

What the antioxidants that are present in these foods do is, it prevents the oxidation chemical reaction from occurring that would lead to further skin or body’s damage and degradation. It also heals or repairs the damages that were already caused by the process.

Another way to repair the damages on the outer skin is to use skin care products that are very rich in antioxidants. Some tends to have a quick effect on the skin like providing an instant face lift to it. While others take a while for noticeable changes to become apparent.

3. Glycation

Glycation is the process where glucose (the end-product of sugar in the body) reacts with protein like collagen in our body. And that reaction would lead to the oxidation of free radicals to occur. It would also cause an advance glycation end-product (AGE) to form. Which would eventually, degrade the skin’s elasticity and body’s tissue thereby resulting to skin aging.

In other words, you could say, with an excess consumption of sugar, and this sugar coming together with the protein within our body, it would cause our skin cells and tissues from regenerating. Which would in turn lead to an aging skin.

Foods that are very high in protein and fat like red meat, cheese, fried eggs, mayonnaise, etc. are very high in AGE. Grains like rice that are processed into cookies with the addition of sugar, are very high in AGE as well. But keep in mind that a well cooked and boiled grain is free from them.

Also, consuming highly processed foods that have been overly fried and grilled would also cause it. Glycation could be reduced and prevented by, staying away from highly processed foods, Cooking the right way, and limiting your consumption of protein and fat rich foods.

Final Thoughts

Although an aging skin is one of the natural phenomenon of life, it becomes abnormal when it is accelerated early due to the factors we have discussed earlier. And by knowing this causes, preventing our skin from aging is within our control if the right and necessary measures are taken.

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