Acai Berry and its Side Effects

Acai which is commonly pronounced as the AH-ssigh-EE, is extracted from palm tree that is highly distributed in the Northern part of South America. The berries are mostly used in making medicine. Acai has been adopted in the treatment of arthritis, erectile dysfunction(ED), high levels of cholesterol, obesity and weight loss, metabolic syndrome, detoxification of an aging skin, and improving the general health, although there are no very well defined evidence that can fully support this issue.

Acai became so popular in North America after it was promoted by Dr. Nicholas Perricone as one great 'Super-food for individuals working hard to defy beauty especially on the show hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Well, let unmask the acai face mask for more information.

How Acai Works

Acai has got chemicals which are antioxidants. The antioxidants are believed to provide protection to the body cells against damaging effects of oxidation chemical reactions. According to research so far made, acai is believed to have more antioxidant compared to the rasberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry or blackberry. The chemicals that comes alongside acai are likely to decrease swelling, enhance the stimulation of the immune system and decrease the levels of blood sugar.

Side Effects of Acai

Well, there is a lot of information on Acai berries and their related health benefits, but maybe you have never thought of its side effects. Therefore, here are the side effects of the Acai Berry that you need to be Aware of.

- The supplements of Acai berry are associated with herbs such as gingko, Fever few and garlic that are likely to make your blood thin hence resulting into severe bleeding. In fact it should be noted that any supplement that could be containing these kind of ingredients need to be avoided at all cost.

- Taking in a lot of processed Acai berry can result to concentration of high levels of toxins and plaque in your body. This is likely to cause a lot of health related problems that range from candida to acne all the way to the fatigue.

- Echinacea, is an herb which is used in Acai supplement that leads to the inflammation of the liver, hence resulting to damage of liver. It can also suppress the body's immune system if ingested in the body for over a week.

- Individuals who are underweight should by all means stay away from Acai berry because it affects your appetite negatively and may also, promote weight loss.

- Excessive intake of Acai berry is likely to enhance the vasodilator effects in your body which causes notable decrease of blood pressure. Sometimes this could be highly dangerous, especially for individuals suffering from cardiac related problems.

- Acai berry can comfortably interact with non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs and pain killers such as aleve and asprin. The Acai berry should never be mixed with antioxidants supplements without the doctors subscription. It has also high likelihood of blocking the normal effects of cancer medications. Acai fruits can also have effects on the MRI scan results.

- Acai berry may also lead to the transformation of Chagas disease. This carries the tritomines remnants which is the blood sucking insect from South America. Tritomites carries a parasite known as Trypanosoma cruzi that causes Chagas disease.

- Those individuals who usually get affected by the pollen allergies may have challenges with the Acai products. People who have suffered from pollen allergies claim that their allergies are as a result of the Acai berries. Therefore, you need to visit a doctor in case the problem gets worse.

- Consuming a lot of Acai berries can lead to swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips, and throat. This may lead to wheezing or other associated respiratory challenges.

- Breast feeding mothers need to avoid Acai supplements by all means because it can really be dangerous to your infant.

- Acai berry can bring about irritation of the intestinal tract and the colon hence causing diarrhoea.

- Individuals allergic to Acai or any other plant in the family of Arecaceae should resist from taking Acai berries.

- Other associated side effects of the Acai berry may include partial deafness, reduced vision and headache.

 Acai berry has really proved to be one amazing fruit that boast of amazing remedial properties, although the use of unhealthy ingredients and additives in the preservation process may lead to dilution of its benefits. Therefore, it is advisable to take Acai berries while in its original form. All the same, Acai has proved to have myriads of benefits, although it is always good to consult doctor in case of health concerns.