Botox vs Fillers

The collective name for all treatments in which the appearance and/or shape of the face is improved or changed by injecting a substance is 'injectables'. Botox and fillers are both examples of injectables. Both are injected. The biggest difference between botox and fillers is that fillers fill in wrinkles or lines and botox makes muscles relax, making wrinkles less visible. Both treatments take place without cutting.

Main differences between Botox and facial filler

Fillers for facial rejuvenation

There are different types of facial fillers to be used in aesthetic medicine. Today we want to talk about the differences between Botox and other types of facial fillers that are used to eliminate the marks of expression, wrinkles and folds in our face.

The facial fillings recompose the lost volumes and recover the harmony of the face . This is one of the differences with Botox that we are going to deal with. We can differentiate the types of fillings according to the aesthetic application: natural, synthetic, injectable, etc.

However, it may be that the ones that sound the most because they are used a lot are hyaluronic acid, collagen or the body's own fat for this use. All of them are effective to bulge the desired areas and eliminate undesirable marks of age .

Types of facial fillers

  1. Hyaluronic acid: effective facial filler against wrinkles and natural as hyaluronic acid. It is a substance very accepted by the body, the treated area receives it very well, unlike other synthetic fillers.

  • It is less sensitive to allergies

  • Applicable at any age

  • It's natural

  • Collagen: is a type of facial filler that corrects wrinkles and is well reabsorbed by the body . It has great durability and is a good stimulator of the skin's natural collagen.

  • Body fat: this type of facial filler is one of the best adapted to our body, thanks to the acceptance of natural fat, typical of the person who is extracted and then perform the filler treatment. It can be removed after a liposuction and then reused to eliminate undesirable wrinkles.

  • Botox

    The main difference is that Botox does not rebuild lost volume but somehow creates it. Botox is another alternative to slow down the passage of time. The difference compared to other fillings is that it is accepted as a cosmetic and slows down the evolution of variable wrinkles

    The results achieve great results and proportionality in the face, affecting well in the most conflictive areas such as lips, jaw.

    Botox has two effects:

    1. It blocks the stimulus transfer from nerves to muscles, so that the functioning of the muscles decreases or comes to a standstill. This protein is injected in extremely small amounts and strongly diluted, into the muscle fibers that are responsible for the lines that develop in mimics (for example, forehead , frown lines , crow's feet and eyebrow lift ). Muscle activity will recover completely after a few months.
    2. It blocks the functioning of nerves that stimulate the sweat glands , preventing the glands from producing sweat.
    Main differences between Botox and facial filler
    • Botulinum toxin is an injectable 100% customizable depending on the characteristics of each patient • Botox is not a filler, it is a cannula infiltration
    • It is accepted in cosmetics, unlike facial fillers
    • Their degree of action varies depending on the regions to be treated and the musculature of the pacient and
    • It can be used for a precise retouching, with great success making the treatment a few days in advance

    Advantages of Botox against Fillers

    • Botulinum toxin is a substance that is injected under the skin and acts as a modulator for muscle action
    • The Botox one of the best alternatives to mitigate the passage of years in our face
    • With Botox an almost immediate effect is obtained (between 1 and 2 days the results of the treatment are appreciated)
    • It favors the expression and defines the features

    Recommended age of treatment

    Botox should be applied around the age of 35, at the most at 40 years of age. We talk about it being a preventive treatment if it is applied at those ages and it is repeated once a year.

    Prevention of the first lines of expression

    Treatments with facial fillers are effective in most cases, against Botox , which can not always ensure an indeterminate duration since it is necessary to make memory infiltration depending on the areas.

    Some disadvantages of Botox to take into account

    Although Botox is surrounded by many myths, we must clarify them and we must know that this substance can be invasive and it can involve some drawbacks. It could paralyze or diminish the muscular mobility of the area infiltrated with the substance. Likewise, the features could be hardened or gesticular changes or expressive deficiencies could be achieved.

    Facial filling: advantages and considerations

    The facial filling is recommended when the entry of the stage of maturity begins, the 40 years . From this age the signs are more marked and require facial filling to correct them. The commissures and grooves recover the volume much more easily thanks to the facial fillers.

    The result is a face with a soft and stylized expression , a facial contour in harmony. The facial fillers are easy to apply and very effective to rejuvenate the facial areas to be treated. If you are thinking of one of these treatments, they are a very good option to consider for those who prefer a less invasive intervention , such as a face lift.

    But the applications of a filling or another, as well as Botox vary depending on the patient. The substances to be applied should be recommended by an aesthetic medicine professional. It is best to consult your case with our specialists and tell you what facial filler or Botox is indicated for you.

    Differences Botox and fillers in a row

    • Botox reduces muscle tone, fillers fill up volume loss.
    • Botox has an effect of about 3-5 months, fillers are broken down after about 9-24 months.
    • A Botox treatment lasts about 15 minutes, a filler treatment will cost you about 15-30 minutes.
    • Botox is often used for the preventive effect, fillers if a (deep) wrinkle has already occurred.
    • Botox has been used since the late 1970s; in the early 1970s the first collagen fillers came onto the market.

    Combination of botox and fillers

    In case of a softer, aged skin, it is often advisable to use both Botox and fillers. Botox and fillers have a very different effect and can therefore be perfectly combined. So you cannot really compare them. Together, Botox and fillers ensure a smooth skin that looks younger. For example, if someone has wrinkles in case of rest, but also cheeks, a combination treatment can be the solution. A treatment of the entire face with different techniques is also called a ' Liquid Facelift '.

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