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Acai Berry vs Aronia Berry

Acai berry is a fruit of the acai palm which is native to Brazil and hard to find in other countries. Acai palms are found in Brazilian rain forests and grow really tall. It is very dangerous for locals to access them. They also spoil easily that’s why they are shipped immediately after harvest.

Due to its high antioxidants, it is compared mostly to the blue berry though it has a bitter edge to it. The berries have been listed as superfoods with aronia berry considered the strongest when compared. They are used in diet plans, supplements, as face masks such as the acai mask. They are eaten raw and stored in powder form.

Acai vs Aronia Berries

Similarities of Acai and Aronia

Anti-Cancerous Properties

Due to the presence of antioxidants in both berries the formation and building of cancer cells in the body is inhibited.

Improves Circulation

Acai improves blood circulation in the brain. Aronia also improves the circulation in the body and strengthens blood vessels such as arteries and veins.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

They both can reduce inflammation in any organ of the body.

Heart Health

Acai berries contain heart-healthy fats that get rid of the LLD cholesterol which is bad and increase the HDL which is good. The presence of anthocyanins in the acai also reduces risks of a heart attack by at least 32%. Aronia berries have high potassium levels that strengthen the heart. They also aid in fighting heart disease.


Even though this is an assumption on the acai berry, NCCIH say that it may help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Aronia berry contains fiber that regulates insulin thereby treating and preventing diabetes.

High Blood Pressure Reduction

Both berries reduce blood sugar levels therefore reducing blood pressure. Sugar is said to have a greater impact on blood pressure than salt. Studies also indicate that these berries can lower blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol.


the berries improve the appearance of your skin. Aronia slows down the aging process. Spas have created an amazon inspired acai mask that nourishes the skin leaves it looking radiant, young and healthy.

Cognitive Function

Acai berry contains anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants which is a known way to reduce Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. Anthocyanins available in the acai berry also ensure memory retention and improvement. They are rumored to reduce Neuroinflammation which in turn improves the flow of blood in the brain. According to research aronia berries fight dementia and reduces oxidative stress on the baring just like acai.

Weight Loss

A recent study shows that acai does not directly aid in weight loss but will help control weight. This is due to reduction in cholesterol and sugar levels. Aronia on the other hand is great for a weight loss program and both are added in weight loss supplements to add certain benefits.

Aging Problems

As much as this berries combat aging, they also prevent any age related diseases and problem such as arthritis.

Differences of Acai and Aronia

Antibacterial and Antivirus

The aronia berry has the ability to fight off bacteria and viruses in the body something that recent studies have not indicated on acai berry. Aronia berry promotes good bacteria which improves gut health.

Cancer Prevention

Though this berries are similar in terms of curing cancer they both differ in how and what type of cancer they cure. The aronia berry prevents and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in the colon. Acai berry prevents the proliferation of cancer cells and formation of tumors in the brain. This berry can also cure and prevent colorectal cancer.

A Boost to the Immune System

aronia berry strengthens the immune system and cures flu and cold. Acai berry does not have this benefit.


Harmful UV rays that may damage your skin are prevented by the Zeaxanthin’s photofiltering effects. This is a benefit of using aronia superfruit and not acai.


Aronia aids in digestion. Digestion problems such as diarrhea and constipation are curbed by adding this superfood to your vegan diet.

There are so many benefits to these foods so make sure to try Acai or any of its natural substitutes out.