Botox for your Forehead

The advances of modern science are bringing the ability to reduce the signs of aging to an ever growing population. One of the most popular treatments are botox injections, which can be done at a Med Spa.

Botox injections can reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. By relaxing your facial muscles, the procedure can smooth out lines in many areas on your face. They have been used effectively to reduce wrinkles on foreheads, around the mouth and eyes, the jaw, and the chin.

Another way botox has been found to help you look younger is by lifting the eyebrows. As you age, the arch of your eyebrow can start to droop. A couple of injections in the right places can give you back a younger, more graceful arch, many times replacing the need for brow lift surgery.

Indeed, getting a botox treatment offers a number of benefits beyond just helping you look younger. It is a non-surgical procedure that can either replace or forestall a more radical surgical face-lift down the road.

The serum is injected into your skin with very fine needles, some as thin as a hair strand. While you might feel a slight pinch at the injection site, no anesthesia is required. The simplicity of the procedure is why the treatments are given in office, like at a Med Spa.

Many appointments can take only a matter of minutes, and certainly less than an hour, depending on your needs. Most people typically see the results within two to three days and results can last anywhere between three to six months. Since botox treatments are relatively inexpensive, in the $500 to $750 range, maintaining your results over time is within the reach of most consumers.

Some folks have found that if they regularly visit their Med Spa quickly after the injection effects begin to wear off, subsequent treatments make it last longer and longer. It's believed this is so because your facial muscles lose the muscle memory of where they were prior to your injections, they will more naturally stay in the newer, relaxed position.

Botox works by blocking nerve impulses. It's made of a neurotoxic protein called botulinum toxin. Despite being called a "toxin", when used in the small doses for cosmetic purposes it is widely considered to be safe. When the nerve impulses are blocked, the muscles can no longer contract, which is why it relaxes. As the muscle relaxes, the skin above it smooths out. As your skin smooths out, it reduces wrinkles on the surface.

The rise of Med Spas makes them the perfect place to get your botox injections. A Med Spa is operated under the supervision of medical professionals, which is why it can offer the more advanced treatments that reduce the signs of aging. Like any traditional spa, it is devoted to your comfort and well being. However, these spas have a broader range of expertise and services that they can offer you.

How it works

The solution is inserted into the face via injection into the targeted area. The results of the procedure typically last about 4 months. There are several benefits to the use of botox. These include a fresher look, the ability the look younger, the ability to reduce signs of aging, and its ability to reduce wrinkles. The procedure also has many advantages over others of its type.

The results are typically visible within two to three days after the procedure, the results can last for up to six months, there is little to no required recovery period, and the procedure does not require surgery. The procedure causes very little pain and any discomfort is typically quite brief. Before the injection, the physician may numb the targeted area with a mild anesthetic cream or a cold pack.

There are some situations in which botox should not be used. If the patient is suffering from an infection at or surrounding the area of the injection, the treatment should not be used until the infection has ceased. Those who are sensitive to the ingredients as well as those with neuromuscular disorders including myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, or ALS should not receive the treatment as there is an aggravated risk of side effects.

Following the procedure, it is rare for patients to report experiencing problems with the appearance of their face. Instead, they are usually pleased with the reduction in frown lines. There is rarely a problem with registering emotion on the face after receiving a botox injection.

After a certain period of time has elapsed, usually between four and six months, the frown lines will begin to appear as they did before the procedure. It is then time to receive an additional round of treatment. If another injection is not received, the lines and creases will return and will continue to develop normally with age.

Before deciding to receive a botox treatment, you should consult with a physician with a large amount of experience in the treatment. To ensure professionalism, you should choose a practitioner who specializes in botox and has a comprehensive knowledge about the solution as well as the anatomy of the face.