Acai-Immune System Booster

Acai berry is a small grape-like purple fruit native in some parts of Central and South America.

The fruit comes from acai tree which typically grows in the rainforests of these Southern American countries.

Why is this fruit so popular?

Over the years, acai berry has acquired much fame and popularity. This is especially because of the numerous health benefits that it brings. This juicy and pulpy tiny fruit is rich and loaded with resveratrol, a very effective antioxidant among several very useful minerals and nutrients.

Most of the minerals and nutrients found in the acai berry are required by the human body to function properly and maintain the best of health. As a matter of fact, this berry is considered to be one of the best superfoods provided by nature, thanks to its chemical formula and composition.

This berry is rich in various vitamins, including B1, B2, proteins, potassium, and calcium. It also provides the necessary energy required by the human body and also fights fatigue. These, among many others, are the reasons behind its much-acquired fame.

As mentioned, acai berries have numerous health benefits and naming all of them is virtually impossible.

Serves as one of the strongest immune boosters

Traditionally, Acai berries have been used by indigenous communities to boost the immune system and prevent the contraction of various diseases and infections. Facilitated by technological advancements witnessed over the years, modern science has evaluated and re-enforced these claims, therefore, coming up with positive results.

By complementing the digestive tract with essential minerals and vitamins, acai berries help build one a much stronger immune system. It also elevates metabolism hence cutting the extra weight. Additionally, it is a rich fiber source and also contains omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These fatty acids are very important and essential in the management of high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

In terms of immune-boosting precisely:

A study indicated that these acai berries were very successful and effective in diminishing the damage caused by oxidation due to infection.

There are several different functions and cells involved in a functional and healthy immune system. It was noted that acai significantly increases the immune cells’ phagocytic capacity leading to a much faster recovery process.

If directly given to patients, acai served as interleukin and also myeloid cell production booster. Myeloid cells are white blood cells variant responsible for a healthy immune system.

Some additional benefits of the acai berry include the following:

Improves brain function

Various research and studies have indicated that this berry also features brain-boosting effects. This is again, thanks to its rich antioxidant content especially the polyphenols and anthocyanins compound. The two compounds work hand in hand in the protection of the brain cells against slowing down and damage. Consumption of these berries can also improve concentration and memory, and induce good rest and sleep.

Refine lung health

Inhaling of too much smoke can cause irritation in the lung and also lead to respiratory distress from swelling in the latter. The irritation is usually prevented by acai seed extract. Its antioxidant properties help in reducing the swelling due to the same.

Nourish scalp health

Scalp blood circulation is improved by folic acid. It is also responsible for the regeneration of cells responsible for hair growth and prevents the graying of hair. Acai berries contain a good amount of this folic acid and zinc. Zinc is known to harden hair roots hence preventing hair loss and generally improve scalp health.

Improve skin health

For many years now, acai berries have been used in promoting and enhancing skin health. This is especially true for the berry’s pulp. In fact, several skin-care and beauty products including acai face mask have acai as one of the ingredients.

Boost libido in men

Even though it isn’t an aphrodisiac for sure, the acai berry plays a very important role in the overall increase of blood flow and circulation throughout the human body. This also increases the flow of blood in the reproductive system, a phenomenon that helps in boosting sex drive, especially in men.

Anti-cancer effects

2 studies conducted back in 2010 reported that these berries block up to 95% of the growth of bad cells. This is due to the two components, polyphenols and anthocyanins, which feature very strong and effective anti-proliferative traits responsible for stopping the growth of bad cells.

Foreseeably, the acai berries should play a very important role in coming up with a cure for cancer.

In conclusion, as seen, acai berries can play a very crucial role in improving your health. This is true independent of your current health state and condition. Furthermore, there are many ways to incorporate acai in your life so try them all out. Remember, your health is in your hands and you have the opportunity to do something about them by simply incorporating acai in your routines.