How Does Botox Actually Work?

The main ingredient contained in Botox is called botulinum toxin type A, this has the potential of relaxing overactive wrinkle-forming muscles located in the face. This means that it can effectively mitigate the negative effects of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Therefore, Botox is the ideal procedure for individuals who do not wish to undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve facial rejuvenation. Most people are scared by the Botox procedure and that is why it is important to know exactly what goes on in order to have comfort.


Treatment providers always explain to the patient all the steps that are involved in the process prior to it beginning so that they fully understand and get comfort in it. The botox injectable treatment lasts only 20 minutes from the beginning to the end and is not associated with any kind of downtime.

The step by step Botox procedure for the treatment is as follows;

Step 1

The patient is expected to disclose any relevant information with regard to any Botox injections that they might have received in the past 6 months. It is also important to disclose if they have been using any muscle relaxants, blood thinners, sleeping pills or allergy drugs. Smokers will be advised to stop for a set duration of time before the procedure.

Step 2

The Botox injections are usually administered in 20 minutes or less. The provider begins by identifying each targeted site for the injections and clearly marks

them. Precision is key to the success of the procedure and that is why it is good practice to do markings on the targeted area.

Step 3

The targeted sites are then cleansed using a high-quality mild solution. The aim is to get rid of any bacteria that might be present on that area. Infections are always a threat where injections are involved hence there is no need to take any chances.

Step 4

The provider will then carefully apply a numbing cream or gel to each marked area of the skin. This is a measure that helps in improving comfort during the procedure. It eliminates anxiety in the patient so that the procedure can proceed smoothly.

Step 5

The Botulinum toxin is normally administered via the dilution of the powder inside saline.

Step 6

A micrometer needle with a narrow gauge is used to inject the Botox medication to all the targeted facial muscles responsible for wrinkling. This goes directly to the neuromuscular tissue. It should be noted that 1-3 injections might be required to address every single facial muscle. The small needle size is by design, it is meant to decrease the discomfort experienced by the patient.

How does Botox actually work? The Botulinum toxin stops the excretion of acetylcholine hence prevents contraction of muscle cells.

The steps listed above for carrying out a Botox procedure may vary from place to place but the information provides patients with a general idea of what to expect. Botulinum toxin takes a duration of 24-72 hours for it to be fully effective. Lactating and pregnant women should not use it because it might affect the infant.


The provider usually instructs the patient on various techniques of maintaining good results such as how often one should reapply Botox. Some of the things to observe include the following:

  • Patients should refrain from massaging or rubbing the treated area. They should observe this for at least twelve hours following the Botox procedure.
  • They should refrain from lying down until after 4 hours following the conclusion of the Botox injection procedure.

These tips will help to ensure that there is no shift in neurotoxin to areas of the face that were not intended. Observing the tips are the best way of how to make Botox last longer while providing the desired results.


The Botox injection procedure should not scare patients. This is because it is perfectly safe. However, it is important to choose a practice, which is properly equipped. It is the only way to guarantee that the office environment is handled in a professional manner and that the Botox injections being administered to the patients are safe. In fact, patients should strive to use the services of practices that are headed by a plastic surgeon who is certified by the board. The aim is always to go to a place that follows the best standards and practices of performing the Botox procedure.