Acai Oil

Judging by the diverse narratives that generations have from time to time told about the Acai fruit, one wouldn’t be wrong to call it a wonder fruit. This reddish purple fruit that comes from the Acai palm tree found in central and South America specifically in the Amazon forest purportedly has numerous health related benefits.

History dictates that in the ancient times, central and South American natives made concoctions from the said Acai fruits that helped in relieving pain as well as fever in addition to healing diverse skin conditions. This concoction is also said to have remedied menstrual related pains as well as diabetes.

With advancement in time, Acai gained global recognition. Marketers advocated for its use a remedy to other health related conditions ranging from weight loss, blood sugar maintenance to other chronic conditions even though there was no tangible evidence to support such claims those days.

Recent scientific studies have however proved concrete evidence to prove some health related benefits associable to the Acai fruit. This has consequently led to its processing to produce Acai oil whose specific proven benefits and more so to skin health are outlined hereunder.

  • Vitamin E

Acai oil has high levels of vitamin E which is said to be a strong antioxidant that helps keep the skin perfectly firm and tight. It’s also said to help the skin retain moisture. Using Acai oil therefore helps you retain your skin’s appealing physical appearance.

  • Fatty acids

Acai oil is also said to contain high levels of omega 9, omega 6, as well as omega 3 fatty acids which makes it a perfect remedy for dry, sagging and dull skin.

These fatty acids are also said to act as skin anti-inflammatory agents suitable for conditions that result to skin inflammation such as acne.

  • Mitigates risks associable to ultraviolet radiation

Scientific research has proven that ultra violet rays from sunlight can be harmful to the skin. The rays are said to accelerate skin aging as well as cause skin cancer in extreme conditions.

Fuleric acid together with vitamins c and E contained in Acai oil protect the skin from these rays.

  • Acai oil as an anti-aging agent.

Prolonged exposure of the skin to adverse weather or environmental conditions such as extremely high or low temperatures subjects it to stress accelerating its aging. Acai oil has high levels of antioxidants that protect your skin from such environmental stressors. The product will therefore enable you retain a healthy and naturally good looking skin free from cracks and wrinkles.

You don’t have to wait for your skin to develop a certain condition for you take action. And as we all know it prevention is always better that cure. Having seen some of the benefits that you and I can enjoy from the use of Acai oil, it is irrefutably factual that incorporating the use of this oil into our daily skin care routines would be a wise decision.

There are numerous ways through which you can incorporate this amazing oil into your daily skin care routine as outline d hereunder.

  • Using the oil together with other antioxidant serums

Most people use serums that are made up of a specified composition purposely meant to address a specific condition such specific bacterial or fungal skin conditions. Persons who have to use these serums presumably have to do it for specified durations according to their physician’s prescription. Using these serums together with a few drops of Acai oil will enable you incorporate this oil into your daily skin care routine. Some of these serums are however sensitive and as such you should consult your physician first before doing it.

  • Using the oil together with eye crèmes.

Dermatologists advocate for the daily use of eye crèmes at least once every night. This is for the purpose of maintaining your eyelid healthy and smooth. Such eye crèmes can be applied together with Acai oil for better results.

  • Using Acai oil with regular sun screens

Most people apply sun screens on daily basis and more so during summer to protect their skin from harmful UV rays. If your sunscreen is not primarily made of Acai oil then you can add a few drops of the said oil into it.

  • Using Acai oil with moisturizers

We all need to moisturize our skins regularly. This is regardless of the fact that the skin has within it natural self moisturization mechanism subject to its oil secretion glands. This is recommended in order to protect the skin from adverse outdoor climatic conditions. You can use Acai oil together with these moisturizers to incorporate the same into your daily skin care routine.