Benefits of Facial Yoga

It is an undeniable fact of life that as we age, our skin becomes less than perfect. Dull skin replaces our once glowing skin, and stubborn wrinkles make a permanent home on our faces. This can be devastating to say the least, and it can also eat away at one’s confidence over time. It therefore comes as no surprise that many people will go to great lengths to try and restore some youthfulness to their skin.
While the trend for quite a long time has been to seek treatments for facial flaws, facial exercises are also gaining popularity across the world. Facial yoga is particularly popular due to its effectiveness. Here is what you stand to gain by carrying out facial yoga exercises.
The Benefits of Facial Yoga
  1. It is Free
Getting rid of facial imperfections can be expensive. All you need is to look at how much it costs to undergo treatment procedures such as Botox or chemical peeling to be convinced of this fact. And not only that, but even the effort that goes into these treatment methods is immense. Facial yoga on the other hand is absolutely free. The only investment you need to make is your time, and not too much of it. You can do the exercises as much as you need without incurring extra cost. Amazing, isn’t it?
  1. It is Harmless
Another benefit of facial yoga is that it is quite harmless. The same can hardly be said of other treatment procedures that claim to get rid of wrinkles or puppet lines. Most such procedures are harmful to your health due to the chemicals that use to make them. A fair number of creams and drugs contain paraffin, mineral oils and heavy fragrances, all of which can cause your body untold harm. With facial yoga however, you will not be introducing any toxic substances into your
body, and you will still get the results you need.
  1. Slows Down Aging
It might not be possible to turn back the clock, but it is quite possible to slow down the ravaging effects of age. One of the best ways to do this is by doing facial yoga. Most flaws that appear on the face are brought about by a lifetime of natural facial expressions. Whether it is smiling, frowning, laughing or simply pursing your lips, all these have a negative effect on your facial skin. This is how laugh lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet are borne.
Because it is difficult to avoid smiling or expressing your emotions, the next best thing is to reverse the effects that these expressions have on your facial skin. Facial yoga can help you tremendously in this respect. The exercises will also help you recognize when you subconsciously furrow your brows or purse your lips so that you can minimize the damage done to your skin.
  1. Ease the Tension
Wrinkles and fine lines appear mostly due to facial tension. It is when you facial muscles are constrained that the skin starts sagging and wrinkles start forming. Facial yoga can help relieve much of the tension, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin. Some women also claim that facial yoga has helped ease chronic neck pain, which is a great plus by any standards.
  1. Tones Facial and Neck Muscles
The science behind this benefit is simple; as you carry out these exercises, you increase blood flow to the specific area of skin, which means that more oxygen reaches the muscles, which in turn promotes collagen production. This more often than not results in an instant face lift. The best thing about this face lift is that it is relaxed and natural, unlike the frozen look that is synonymous with Botox injections. Keep in mind there are no side effects associated with facial yoga, whereas bruising and scarring are realities you may have to live with if you choose other synthetic treatment methods.
  1. Boosts your Confidence
Finally, facial yoga can work wonders for your self-confidence. When you look great, you most certainly will feel great and you will project this attitude to the world. Once the double chin or wrinkles disappear thanks to facial yoga, you most certainly will feel the difference in your self- image.
Facial yoga works. Many people swear by it. It has changed the lives of many for the better. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it is free of toxins and won’t cost you a dime. Why not try it? You will not regret it.

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