Why You Shouldn't Do Facial Yoga

As strange as it might sound, facial yoga is increasingly becoming a hot trend in the skincare field. Just like usual exercises, this method claims to tighten and tone sagging skin, making it a non-invasive option
to other cosmetic procedures like instant face lift. However, this can be too good to be true because there will be always two sides of every story. In this post, we’ll give you some reasons why facial yoga might be not a good idea for the beauty of your face.

1. It might take longer to see expected results If you are searching for a quick solution to your face’s appearance, then face yoga might be not the right solution for you. In general, it often takes at least a few months to see any expected results from this technique. This is not a surprise simply because every exercise often requires an adequate amount of time for the muscles to stress out and change gradually. Thus, do not try facial yoga when you are not patient.

2. You cannot actually work out your face
It is important to know that muscles on your faces come with very thin structures, which are quite different from bulkier ones on the buttocks or thighs. For this reason, you would not work out your face with facial yoga just as you do with other parts of the body. Thus, if you expect to make your face stretch out with this method, then you might be wrong.

3. Facial yoga might accelerate aging
This might be what facial yoginis don’t want to hear, but being too physically active would do more harm than good to your face. While many people believe that this type of exercise would help reverse or prevent the signs of aging on their face like volume loss or sagging, this is just a myth. In fact, the loss of volume during skin sagging is primarily associated with the deflation of your bone structure and fat tissue instead of facial muscle loss. This means facial yoga will not actually help you with this issue. Even worse, this exercise would even hinder your effort against aging because it will lose the elasticity of your skin. Due to continuous movements combined with the breakdown of collagen, it might crack the basic structure of the skin. As a result, many wrinkles and lines will form due to facial expressions such as frown lines or smile lines. That is the reason why relaxing a few facial muscles is an extremely effective method to soften wrinkles and lines.

Alternatives to facial yoga
Instead of performing facial yoga and get negative results as mentioned earlier, you can enhance the appearance of your face with the following options:
- Add collagen-boosting nutrients The main reason why your skin doesn’t look good is probably that it lacks in collagen, a protein which keeps your face youthful and firm. Thus, it is a good idea to use collagen-stimulating peptides or take these elements in the supplement form to reduce wrinkles and
make it smoother.
- Use moisturizers Using moisturizers on a daily basis is a great way to keep your face hydrated. By retaining water, the skin on your face will look more voluminous and radiant.
- Be active while facial yoga is bad for your skin, frequent exercises might bring some great benefits.
When the temperature of your body rises during a workout, more blood flows will be directed to the skin, which eventually encourages cell metabolism.
- Consume foods filled with phytoestrogens Women often experience a reduction in estrogen when they get aged. This leads to a drop in the production of collagen. The most effective way to minimize this effect is to try foods which contain phytoestrogens, a component that mimics the effect of estrogen.
These include green tea, chocolate, red wine, broccoli, or kale.
In overall, facial yoga might have some opposite results of what you expected. With repeated movements on your face, it would result in the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles. Thus, it is advisable to go for other options such as instant face lift, moisturizing, or collagen-boosting nutrients to
ensure the safety and beauty of your face.

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