Bocouture Botox Review

All About Bocouture

Introduction Bocouture is a purified formulation that is produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. This particular formulation induces long term relaxation of contracted muscle and as a result it is used as a wrinkles relaxing treatment. Because of its effectiveness it is used as a botox treatment where it is injected to remove wrinkles and facial lines. It is mostly used on the upper face and the area around on the area with facial line or wrinkles. Its effects last for about three to six months depending on an individual. After this one can go for another injection to get rid of the wrinkles and facial lines.

Pros of Using Bocouture as a Botox Treatment


This particular product is one of the safest in the market where it works without causing major side effects. A lot of people have been using this product as a botox and very few of those have complained of getting any side effects. All what one needs is to use it in the right manner and get checked up by a professional doctor prior to using this botox treatment. The checkup is especially important because it ascertains that a person is healthy enough to use this product.


Bocouture is also one of the most effective botox treatments compared to similar products. This is attributed to the fact that it is it is an innovative Botalinum type A formulation in which the complex proteins have been removed through purification. Because of this, when injected in the body it does not induce formation of neutralising anti-bodies. This is unlike most other similar products which have higher quantities of the complex proteins. These proteins work by inhibiting the effectiveness of any product that is used as a botox. But because Bocouture has very low quantities of these proteins it is bale to be more effective.

Easy Application

To apply this product one just needs to be injected on the areas with wrinkles or facial lines. This process is simple where one just feels a little discomfort because of the injection. The only important aspect is to ensure the person performing the procedure is qualified. After the injection one can go on with life because there is no down time. Just like in the other ways to make botox last longer it is also paramount to take care of the skin to ensure the desired results are produced. This includes keeping the injected areas clean and avoiding exposing the specific areas to direct sunlight for long hours.

Long Lasting

When Bocouture is used as a botox it usually produces long lasting results. This is helpful because it allows people to avoid keeping on being injected every now and then. When the injections are done they can last even for six months before one needs to be injected again. This is unlike some other products where people require to be injected almost monthly. But for the effects of the injections to last longer it is paramount to apply the various ways to make botox last longer. Through proper care the effects of the injections will be long lasting therefore allowing people to have their youthful looks for longer.

Cons of Using Bocouture as a Botox

Not for Everyone Even if Bocouture is widely used there are certain categories of people who cannot use it mainly because of medical reasons. These include the people who have a hypersensitivity to any component used to make this formulation. Patients with muscle activity disorders such as myasthenia gravis also cannot use this formulation. This botox treatment cannot also be used by people who are using certain types of medications. Furthermore, patient with bleeding disorders cannot use the formulation. This also applies to lactating or pregnant mothers.

Side Effects on Some People This formulation has just minor side effects but in some people it can have serious side effects. Some of the minor side effects include bruising on the area injected, diplopia, brow droop and headache. The side effects can be serious especially if the formulation is not used as instructed or the person using it has an underlying condition.

Final Word

It is evident that Bocouture can be very helpful when used as a botox. This is provided it is used in the right manner. The few issues with this formulation can be avoided by using it in the right manner. It is also very important to consult a doctor before using this botox treatment. Therefore, Bocouture is suitable for dealing with facial lines and wrinkles provided it is used in the right way.

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