Botox For Your Nose

The perfect nose by nature is rare. Most often, people are dissatisfied with the size, width, presence of a humpback, protruding tip. Finance, contraindications or a categorical attitude to operations do not allow to correct the situation. Many people do not think that there are less traumatic methods of correction. Injection technique is a good alternative to plastic surgery. We will understand what we can do if we introduce Botox in the nose: lift the tip, remove the crease on the bridge of the nose, reduce the nose. Many also wonder if shortening or narrowing of the nose with Botox is possible. We will understand further.

Indications for use

The injection method of nose correction by Botox is used to eliminate congenital and acquired defects, correcting errors made during plastic surgery of the nose. The method successfully copes with the correction of problems:

  • smoothing the fossa or folds on the bridge of the nose
  • raising (lowering) the tip of the nose, the elimination of defects
  • correction of the shape of the nostrils
  • creating symmetry, neat, attractive appearance

Safety procedure

Only a licensed cosmetologist is eligible to engage in the introduction of drugs based on botulinum toxin. To complete courses, get a certificate will be able only the holder of higher education.

For the implementation of injection therapy, it is advisable to contact a licensed clinic. It is not recommended to flatter overly high discounts, unnaturally low price procedures. It will be useful to refuse to visit cosmetologists "at home".

Botox injections are not considered a traumatic procedure for the correction of the nose. The main thing is not to use the services of amateurs. Toxin shots are made by a certified doctor. This must be confirmed by a license. It is useful before the procedure to familiarize yourself with such a document.

Injection correction should be carried out by a doctor in conditions of sterility:

  • separate premises in compliance with medical standards
  • the use of antiseptics, disposable supplies
  • manipulation with clean hands
  • absence on the procedure of outsiders

The cosmetologist opens the ampoule with the drug in front of the patient. For your own confidence in safety, you can ask the doctor container for inspection. On the container should not be damaged, the shelf life of the drug must comply with the current time frame.

Performing an operation

Botox injections can be conditionally attributed to operations. Manipulating toxin administration does not involve complex actions. In any case, the patient's skin is pre-prepared (cleansing). The doctor carefully examines the area of upcoming work, makes markup sites for toxin injections.

The cosmetologist is obliged to master the technique professionally, to creatively approach the solution of the problem, to project in advance the perspective of the actions to be performed. The doctor’s typical attitude to work will not give decent results.

Anesthesia during the procedure is rarely done. Usually use the cooling method: apply ice to the place of the future puncture. It is permissible to apply the EMLA cream one hour before the injections: they are applied evenly on the areas of the intended effect. The prick of a fine needle is comparable to an insect bite. The procedure for correcting the nose with toxin injections is not considered painful.

The manipulation is carried out using a microneedle. For accurate determination of puncture sites, a good knowledge of anatomy and experience is required. Some cosmetologists use an electromyographic device.

To eliminate the horizontal wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, the doctor asks the patient to frown. Having determined the puncture site, the beautician inserts a syringe with the drug. To correct the problem of this zone, use no more than 10 units of the substance with the toxin. The required dose is determined individually. The cost of manipulation over the nose consists of the price of services and units of the drug used for correction.

Raising the tip of the nose by injection is carried out by injecting the drug in the amount of 1-2 units in 2 points: symmetrically on the sides of the septum in the "fleshy" area near the nostrils. Manipulation allows you to weaken the cartilage cravings, lift the tissue.

Injections into the wings of the nose will help narrow the wide nostrils, modify their shape. There is a slight correction. Injections are carried out in the base of the wings. A point on each side requires 1–2 units of the drug with toxin.

Narrowing, reduction of the nose due to injection correction, rhinoplasty with toxin preparations are impossible. It will only slightly change the body by the methods listed above. Drugs based on toxin act on the muscles, the tension of which does not affect the fullness, length of the nose. Achieve non-surgical rhinoplasty will turn out using fillers, threads.

The procedure of injection correction of the nose lasts 10-30 minutes. After the main manipulations, the doctor watches for half an hour the reaction of the patient. Making recommendations for the restoration, the beautician lets go home.