Botox Prices Around the World

Many people fear to be seen as aging though it is part of life. Individuals will often look for treatment to delay or curb signs and symptoms of getting old. In this regard, most of them have spent millions on botox injection in their quest to remain youthful. This is because Botox is able to treat wrinkles on their faces and possibly smooth the lines on their skin.

Most patients pay for this injection per unit or in other instances the cost depends on the areas being treated. Nonetheless, botox injection costs differ all over the world. The cost also depends on factors such as technology used, the overall health condition of a patient, doctor or brand of botox. For instance here in Kenya, the price of botox ranges between USD 300 to USD 1200 depending on the cost you agreed with your doctor. The cost also depends on the number of shots botox injection a patient is given by a professional medic. You may also incur extra costs on consultation before you are treated with botox injection. Medical reports have shown that Botox nowadays has become more popular in this country especially when age starts to show among Kenyans. They want to appear younger and beautiful. Prices of this injection vary from one country to another. I am going to present descriptive details on the cost of this injection in different countries of the world.


Both men and women in U.S.A use it to sort out their skin related issues. Here, the prices vary nationwide. The cost per unit of botox products in the USA ranges from 7 to 16 euros. When states are put into consideration, the average price of botox injection products can be 10 euros. The cost of botox in the northeast part of this country is relatively considered expensive compared to other parts. Generally, patients in the USA pay between 300 to 650 euros for this injection. This is because they incur extra expenses for botox services.

United Kingdom

Here, the cost of this injection per unit ranges between 7 to 10 euros. Prices of botox in the UK are usually different depending on the area you want to treat. The cost can go as much as 300 to 500 euros if you decide to be treated on three sides of your face. In other instances, you can pay close to 150 euros when you choose to treat only one area of the face, for example, the forehead. Prices of this injection in the UK also depends on the individual doctor. The cost of it in the UK is always considered expensive compared to other countries in Europe.


In Turkey, the cost of this injection can go as much as 300 to 500 euros. Most botox clinics provide their botox services on packaged prices. This may involve services such as accommodation and be transferred from airport or hotel when you go for plastic surgery in Turkey. On average, the prices of this injection in Turkey can be 411 euros. Turkey is known globally for having well equipped private clinics in places like Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara. Prices of this injection per unit in Turkey can range between 5 to 12 euros.


Here, the cost of it ranges from 100 to 450 euros. You may incur extra expenses if you are treated on conditions such as bladder problems or excessive sweating. In instances where you are treated on bunny or smiles, your charges might be less. Clinics in this country charge between 4 to 10 euros per unit of this injection.


Thailand is globally known for having outstanding plastic surgery and cosmetic clinics. Here, you can get a botox injection for as cheap as 50 euros. Nonetheless, the expensive injection can go as much as 600 euros. Averagely, the cost of this injection in Poland can be 120 euros. The doctors also charge 4 to 9 euros per unit of it.

How to make botox last longer when you want to age gracefully, ensure that the botox injection process is done by a professional medic who understand how to deal with these complications. She understands the brands you need and right injection that will work well for you.

In conclusion, Botox is widely available in different countries in variant costs. Make sure you are aware of how much it cost in your country.

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