How Long Before I See Botox Results

Those who have been considering to undergo a Botox procedure in order to look nice during a special event might have asked themselves how long it takes to see the results. Other possible questions are how long the results last and just how soon should the injection be administered for best results to be achieved. It is important to properly understand Botox and its mode of action. This knowledge will inform your decision on when to receive the anti-aging injections to achieve the beauty goals that you have set. It might be good to know how long it takes for Botox to work but it is equally important to work together with a qualified cosmetic surgeon when getting the injections so that they are administered in very safe conditions.

How long it takes to see results

Botox whose main ingredient is the botulinum toxin has shown to be effective with regard to relaxing facial wrinkles. It does this by severing communication between the muscles and the nerves located in the face.

Most kinds of Botox injections operate in the same manner on frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. However, it should be noted that the injections work much faster when it comes to smaller wrinkles. This means that if a patient is suffering from small crow’s feet close to the eyes and also has severe forehead wrinkles, relaxation of crow’s feet will be realized earlier than the forehead wrinkles.

The popular question especially among people who are preparing for an important event in the future is normally how long before I see Botox results? Generally, patients can begin seeing the results as early as 48 hours after conclusion of the procedure. However, for noticeable results to be see, it might take a period of 10 – 12 days. When the results appear after a few days, they attain their peak at 2 weeks. Afterwards they will gradually wear off.

This means that people who intend to attend a special event should get the Botox injection at least a week in advance. The time is adequate enough to allow the injections to settle and for the results to be very visible. This time is also enough to manage any side effects like redness and mild swelling at the site of injection.

Providers will normally ask patients to return following the first treatment, the aim is to carefully assess their response. This is because the first batch of Botox injections works to only provide a partial response. Therefore, complete relaxation might only be noticed following the second treatment or even the third one.

These injections function to stop or slow down activity between the muscles and the nerves. The onset of chemicals utilized varies from one individual to the other and from one application to another. This is why some people see the results almost immediately while others take some time.


The duration it takes for the patient to see the Botox results following a procedure is dependent upon a number of factors, they include the following:

  • The individual undergoing treatment. Different people respond to Botox treatment differently, some people might see the results earlier compared to others.
  • The area that is being treated. The efficacy varies from one area to the other.
  • Depth of indentation that is being treated.
  • Binding sites, the more the faster the results can be witnessed.
  • The wrinkle size, the larger it is, the longer it takes or the results to manifest themselves and vice versa.

The factors above are far from exhaustive but they all affect the length of time it takes for results to be seen after a Botox procedure. However, how to make Botox last longer is a different subject altogether.


As earlier mentioned, Botox results get more visible over time. The first set of Botox injections will not provide the desired results but the patient will notice a robust skin after the second set or even the third set of injections. This calls for patience, it is the reason why patients who wish to attend special events weddings or reunions in the future and want to use Botox are advised to so well in advance. The best way of how to make Botox last longer is to adhere to the reapplication schedule. This ensures that the patient retains a youthful look throughout.

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