Botox Vs Serums

Irrespective of age, sudden appearance of wrinkles is more than a nightmare for any lady. Crooked up skin and fine lines are a clarion call for advanced skin care treatments. Thanks to modern research and inventions, today we are gifted with something called Botox. Although it works wonders for most women, it may be a pain for those who cannot endure the sting of syringes. For the latter and for others as a whole, Serum is the best alternative to Botox treatment. Of late, women, in large numbers are opting for serums to get rid of their wrinkles and restore strength and youthfulness of their skin.

Whatsoever, both botox and serums are equally beneficial for eliminating wrinkles. Besides, it also brings back lost glamour. While there are few similarities between the two, an array of differences forms a wide bridge.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Whether you inject Botulinum toxin via injections or apply antioxidants in serum form, the ultimate objective is to treat wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.

As both treatments have a common goal, it is based on similar scientific concept. Hence, the primary ingredients are quite similar.

Botox and serums excellently heals your skin without making any facial transformation, while serums definitely account for a no-pain experience; however, the injections are also minimally invasive. It feels like an ant bite.

Time spent behind either of them is almost equal. One dose of injection takes 5-10 minutes, which is somewhat close to applying serums. Finally, side effects are common in both cases, although, it won’t cause any severe health problem.

At Dagger’s Drawn

Botox is apt for those who can afford to be aggressive to their skin. For a softer and smoother wrinkle treatment, one must always choose Serums.

Injections allow a smaller portion of ingredients to be injected into the affected skin areas. Contrary to this, water-based serums carry more nutrients which go deep into the innermost layer of our skin. Penetrating power of injections therefore falls short in front of serums.

Thinner texture of serum allows skin to absorb it easily and quickly, which does not happen in injections. In fact, Botox may get rejected by many skin types owing to its harder texture.

While serums perfectly work on the entire skin, injections aren’t made for every area. The latter’s effectiveness is limited to forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and between the brows where it performs way better than serums. Therefore, before opting for a treatment, identify your wrinkled zones and then go for it.

Most people have the perception that injections are more powerful that liquids and only a few doses shall yield long-lasting effect. Sadly, this view does not hold water. If you’re wondering how to make botox last longer, you have to use it periodically so as to retain the effects of your treatment. Thus, if injection is your final call, brace your mental strength.

While pregnant women can easily choose their favourite serums, injection is a strict No.

Cost is another important factor that widens the gap. Best-in-class Botox treatment for a single area can cost you around $466. Those who claim to offer injections at $100, use extremely low quality ingredients, which are of no good.

Coming to serum solutions, there are many options ranging from $14 to $25 or even more. Here, the difference in price is mainly due to brands. Also, there may be additional ingredients to serve some extra benefit depending on your wrinkles. Prior to your purchase, do see the contents and then go for it.

Compared to Serums, Botox has higher chances of side-effects. Besides headaches and nausea, you may develop injection in your upper respiratory tract. Ptosis is a rare but temporary condition where the eyelids droop. You must also be able to tackle soreness. However, all of these are subject to your metabolism and lasts only for a shorter time.

More than anything else, Botox injections demand professional expertise and knowledge. Only certified cosmetic surgeons can perform it. Unlike this, applying serum is a child’s play. Any lay man can use it after going through the guidelines.

So, who wins and who loses?

Well, it all depends on the genetic structure and metabolism of your skin. Never choose any option based on your favouritism. Do consult credible surgeons and then decide. Both injections and serums being double-edged swords; calls for proper research and then action.