What Models Say about Acai?

We are living an era of superfood; many people have started experiencing the health benefits of superfoods like noni fruit, chia seeds, and kale.

A superfood can be defined as a food that offers exceptionally nutritious food for the amount of calories it has. One such superfood is acai. Acai bowls are super delicious and healthy at the same time. Originated in Central and South America they are highly popular and are shipped nowadays all over the world. This superfood has tons of recipes and can be blended into smoothies and food bowls.

Why acai is highly popular?

There are many benefits of acai which are discussed below.

Healthy skin: The oil extracted from acai berries moisturize and clean the skin. The anti-oxidants present in the product help your skin feel healthy and fresh.

Energy booster: Acai bowls give you energy and act as an energy booster when you feel down or tired. It cleans the body and flushes out your system which makes you feel healthier.

Immune System: There are certain compounds present in acai, specifically the polyphenol compound. Its specialty is to reduce malfunctioning cells by 85% providing you with a better immune system.

Weight Loss: Acai bowl helps in weight loss because it is way healthier than any kind of junk food or fatty food. It also helps you to reduce fast food craving and maintains the fat level in your body.

Anti-aging properties: Acai has anti-aging properties and this due to antioxidants present in it. They go after free radicals when the body damages in different ways. Acai is quite beneficial when it comes to anti-aging properties.


What supermodels are saying about acai?

We sneak peaked into daily schedules and beauty secrets of some of the top models and see what they have to say on acai bowls. Let us know how they keep their body maintain bikini-ready shape.

One of the well renowned Brazilian models says that when you are out for grocery shopping, shop a little extra for your daily beauty routine because natural homemade remedies are the best.

“If I eat right, I like my skin and hair to eat right too,” says the model who sticks on a plant-based diet. A famous model Elsa Hosk says “Some after workout body love”. She prefers an acai bowl full of kale, spinach, blueberries, banana, and toasted coconut with a cold pressed coffee after the workout session. Acai is available as a powder as well. Miranda Kerr, a famous supermodel says about acai powder that she sprinkles it on porridge, gluten-free cereal or smoothies. Acai berries are a rich source of antioxidants and its powder is easily added to different recipes.

Shanina Shaik shares that she bases her diet plan around her blood type which means an acai bowl with lots of vegetables when she feels like having it. A Victoria secret’s model Romee Strijd says that she is careful to eat a healthy diet and add acai to her diet whenever she feels like. Many supermodels also use acai face mask for healthy and glowing skin.


Acai contains amino acids, magnesium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, trace minerals like zinc, copper, iron, and calcium and vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-3. Many super models prefer acai bowl for breakfast or after workout session to maintain the balance. It is quite clear that acai is good for health.


The bottom Line

Eating a healthy diet like acai and goji berries can curb appetite and help you not binge on a sugary diet. Acai is a superfood and is good for health but adding it to an unhealthy food will not make it healthy. What you need to do is trying incorporating some superfoods into a sensible diet. Adding kale on a cheesy pizza does not make it healthy and the same goes with acai. Acai is the powerhouse of anti-oxidants.

Like all superfoods, acai should be the part of a healthy balanced diet added with a regular schedule of exercise to keep you fit always. You can enjoy acai bowl once in a while but it is advised not to have it daily for breakfast. Replacing ice-creams, frozen treats with acai bowl is a smart move.