Difference In Botox For Men And Women

Botox is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is not surprising to anyone that women still hold the world record for those that opt to use this substance and other injectables.

However, in the last 5 years the number of male patients who have shown an interest in a treatment with this injection has been on the increase. And now, there are more men who enjoy the advantages of this product.

Due to the small differences that exist in our bodies, the amount and sometimes the place of application usually vary. However, it is still possible to apply the chemical in the same areas of the face for both sexes, but with a few millimeters difference in the case of men.

The first difference between the use of Botox in men and women is that men have much more muscle mass in their forehead and eyebrows. Therefore, for men, the application of Botox in these areas generally requires a greater amount of the substance. In the case of women, it is necessary to use up to 20 units. But for men, the same procedure could take between 20 and 25 units of the substance. And while there’s clearly a different amount that could be used in both cases, this is the average range of Botox used to achieve a much more refined and natural appearance.

The More Natural, The Better

The way we handle the applications is crucial to having a natural and great looking appearance. And this goes for both women and for men.

The other fact that certainly makes a big difference is the shape of the eyebrow. Naturally, women have a small arch over their eyebrow bone. And although they are only a few centimeters tall, the difference between their eyebrows and those of men is quite remarkable. Therefore, if you want to inject the substance

in the area of the eyebrows, this is one of the points that you must take into account, especially for women. On the other hand, the same issue bears no significant difference in men. Men's eyebrows tend to be naturally straighter in their entirety. So if we want to achieve a natural look, we should not keep this shape in mind.

The forehead area also has various differences for both sexes. The most common application in this part of the body is related to the appearance of the eyebrows. Arched eyebrows are more feminine. So naturally, the administration of the chemical over the lateral third of the eyebrow should be very frequent, so as to try and raise the arc of the eyebrows. This only applies to women, but does not happen very often in men. Typically, men ask for more straight and horizontal eyebrows, because it makes them look much more attractive to women. This explains why the application of the chemical on men’s eyebrows is almost avoided. Instead, it’s usually applied in equitable amounts, laterally above the eyebrow.

Most Common Use Of Botox For Men

Most women do not often prefer to extend the Botox up onto their scalp. However, the case is quite different for men, especially younger men who prefer to have the substance applied right up to their scalp. Botox is associated with the prevention of hair loss in younger men who for some reason are about to go bald. And that’s indeed one of the reasons the use of Botox in men has been popularized.

The nasolabial fold is the other preferred area for application of Botox in the case of men. In general, men prefer that it’s applied in the pre-jowl area, so as to make the jowl area less noticeable, and thus achieve a less feminine appearance. As for women, preference is more on the areas around the zygomatic arch. This is done in order to soften the nasolabial folds a little and reach a more delicate appearance.

How To Make Botox Last Longer On Men And Women

The best way to make Botox last longer is choosing a longer lasting option. But you can always repeat treatments regularly, focus on your diet and use sun protection to ensure the treatment results last longer in your skin.

Botox can be for men as well. However, the differences between the body contours of both sexes are quite remarkable. Therefore, the zones and application techniques should adapt to the body of each individual so as to achieve a more natural and pleasant appearance.