Most Common Places Where Men Get Botox

An increasing number of men are showing greater interest in getting Botox these days. An invasive approach is offered by BTX-A (Botulinum toxin type A) so as to minimize the facial lines and many males have chosen this treatment as their first cosmetic procedure. In most cases, men entail similar types of cosmetic treatment as women, but sometimes they might need an increasing number of BTX-A units. Although the recommended dose for the glabellar lines in males happens to be 40 U, some males might even require as much as 80 U. Underdosing happens to be the most typical cause of undesirable results amongst the male patients at present. A lot of men are endowed with low-positioned eyebrows because of which it is imperative to take care of their foreheads from time to time. Besides this, they also need to focus on their brows since the brows might drop due to too much relaxation of the frontalis muscle. It is feasible to treat the lateral orbital lines with an initial dosage of 15 U every crow’s foot. Additional injections might be needed by men to their orbicularis oculi muscle given that a lot of them have a broad circumferential orbicularis. BTX-A can likewise minimize axillary sweating while improving armpit odor as well. BTX-A can also be applied for treating prostatic hyperplasia which is benign in nature.

Before injecting Botox, the physician is going to use a marker for creating a map consisting of dots on the man’s face. These dots will be indicating the spots where the injections will be given. The most typical areas happen to be along the laugh lines, the area in between the eyes, the forehead, as well as along the crow’s feet adjacent to the eyes. Sometimes, the injections are likewise given to the lips and the chin, although these are not that common.

Below, we will talk about the possible Botox injection sites in detail.

Forehead wrinkles

Many men struggle with forehead wrinkles once they start aging and these facial lines are usually visible in the upper part of the face and will move along with expressions. In fact, these are considered to be the first symptoms of aging and can be quite tough to conceal. This might be the reason why the forehead wrinkles are arguably the most commonly targeted site for the Botox injections.

Crow’s Feet

Some men feel rather embarrassed by the compact lines which tend to extend from the eyes’ corners when they start smiling or laughing. At present, numerous men including the celebrities are trying to maintain a youthful appearance by injecting these areas with Botox.

Frown Lines

At times men might feel a bit frustrated while they observe lines on their forehead between the eyebrows. These lines become more prominent when the individual either frowns or furrows his eyebrows particularly when he is exhausted, hungry or upset with something. Botox has the ability to minimize the depth of these lines effectively while smoothing them out as well.

Smoker’s Lines

Men who are non-smokers can also suffer from this condition which is also known as perioral lines. These lines are observed once you purse the lips and fan out into the encircling epidermis. It is possible for a very small amount of Botox to take care of these unwanted lines and an experienced medical practitioner can accomplish the task easily. However, it is vital to find out a competent physician since a wrong treatment can cause lots of problems in the future.

Neck bands or cords

Once you begin to age, you will start noticing neck bands or cords in the neck area which takes place due to the sagging of the platysma muscles. However, it will be feasible to make those muscles relaxed by injecting Botox in those areas. Your jawline muscles can also become relaxed by this technique. Bear in mind that Botox will not give the desired outcomes in case you do suffer from loose skin or excessive neck fat.

In case the question arises in your mind regarding how to make Botox last longer, rest assured that there are several effective ways to do so. Finding a competent doctor, maintaining a routine, staying away from the sun, not wrinkling the face and also not scrubbing excessively are some of those.

Although the use of Botox is quite prevalent among the females these days, lots of men are also using this method so as to maintain their youthful appearance.

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