Face Mask for Detox

What are the face masks for?

Natural facial masks do not have a single specific function, and the different ingredients and brands available offer a wide variety of benefits for facial skin; However, the main function of facial masks is to clean the skin thoroughly, remove impurities and release pores. Thus, masks are very useful treatments to combat or prevent acne, blackheads, and imperfections.

This is one could say its main function; but as we will now see, masks are cosmetics with multiple benefits and properties for the care of your face and dermis; which is precisely what we will see later. Masks with natural ingredients contain active ingredients that act on the skin almost immediately, but there are other effects and benefits that can manifest over time.

These people with enviable skin widely recommend wearing masks in both men and women before age 30 to prevent the signs of aging. And in men and women over 30 years to reverse and slow down the aging of the skin. Think of some situation for which you need to look good, but you do not have the time necessary for a full session of dermatological beauty. It can be an unexpected event, a trip, or even an interview or work meeting. Making your skin look perfect in an event would require months of anticipation, with creams and treatments that will gradually purify and detoxify the skin.

Masks solve this problem better than any other product; because its application only takes a few minutes and the effects and benefits are evident from the beginning.

Although many people take advantage of masks to look good before an important event, the habit of wearing natural masks is extremely useful and beneficial, since the deterioration of the skin is almost imperceptible; but with the passing of the years it becomes more evident; And there is nothing better to delay the signs of aging than to give proper care and keep your skin healthy and in good condition.

The wide variety of properties and benefits of natural masks can make it a little complicated or overwhelming to choose a brand or a product that is the most beneficial to your skin.

We know that there are many types of skin, which beyond color, cover a broad spectrum of properties such as elasticity, or being prone to dehydration or the effects of the sun. There are types of skin more sensitive than others; skin types more prone to accumulate fat and all the different slopes.

Organic Face Mask For Detox

For an organic face mask for detox, you do not have to dig deep into your pocket. Because with the Detox mask itself you do not only save money. But you also know exactly which ingredients are in your cosmetics product. Finally, you touched it yourself. If you want, you can also use only organic products for your self-made detox mask.

DIY Detox Mask: Matcha face mask with essential oils

This detox DIY mask is intensively skin-clarifying and also firming. The small spa treatment for the face is a beauty booster, which you have made in a few minutes. You can get the ingredients in the well-assorted natural drugstore or in the health food store.

Make ingredients for the detox mask yourself

Tip: This amount is enough for about two applications, so grab a friend and try out the organic face mask to make your own.

1 tablespoon of healing earth - the best you can get is bentonite because it's very detoxifying, but another healing clay does the job;

Bentonite is a mineral clay that is particularly good at binding and extracting heavy metal residues and other toxic substances

1 tablespoon of green mineral earth - this particular clay is a natural wonder, as it can bind toxins, loosen dirt, sebum and dead skin cells and is so fine that it can also act as a gentle exfoliation when removing the mask ; it was created in the course of the last ice age and is a blessing for the skin with its many minerals and trace elements; It clarifies the complexion and thus ensures rosy skin

1 tablespoon Matcha green tea powder - the healthiest green tea ever, it's so rich in antioxidants that the skin is intensively fortified and can better fight against free radicals; In addition, Matcha powder stimulates the growth of new skin cells and delays the natural aging of the skin

1 teaspoon of organic honey - honey is not only anti-inflammatory and moisturizing, it is also a natural beauty secret tip as a natural skin cleanser. Because of its diverse beauty-enhancing effects, it must not be missing in the Detox mask to make yourself (alternative for vegans: instead of honey, the same amount of vegetable glycerin in the recipe for the DIY Detox mask)

1 tablespoon jojoba oil - gives the detox mask its consistency and ensures that the skin gets enough moisture and becomes supple; Jojoba Oil is also excellent for blemished and oily skin as it regulates sebum production

2 drops of essential lavender oil - soothes the skin and has a harmonizing effect; the relaxing fragrance also balances the mind and helps to switch off.

1 drop of essential tea tree oil - disinfected, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory; perfect for impurities and pimples Preparation - this is how you mix the DIY detox mask

All of your dry ingredients first come in a mixing bowl. Then the liquid ingredients are added. Everything just mix well and off to the face. If the mask is a bit too thick, add some oil and honey. Likewise, if it is too liquid, you can add some clay or Matcha powder into the mixture.

Before the cleansing detox mask comes to make yourself on your face, a thorough cleaning is announced. Makeup, dirt or cream should not stand between your skin and the mask. The detox mask works best when applied to thoroughly cleansed skin. The mixture is applied to the face, neck and décolleté with the hands or a mask brush. Give her fifteen minutes to move in and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Do you have any left over from your mix? Then you can fill the detox mask in a jar. You can keep them in the fridge for up to a week.

Make detox mask yourself - so often you should treat it to your skin Depending on your skin, you can use the detox mask once or twice a week. You should not do it more often, because the cleansing healing clay can permanently dry out. Immediately after use, you should immediately apply a serum and a skin care cream to moisturize your skin.

Face masks can be bought in countless variants in drugstores. Unfortunately, these masks are often enriched with artificial additives to make the products last longer. But natural substances are healthier for your skin.

To make your own face mask, you do not necessarily need expensive essential oils or many ingredients. Our three face mask recipes only come with two ingredients each. Apart from that, you can do something good for your skin with a self-made scrub. It is also important that beauty always comes from the inside: A healthy diet is therefore necessary for a good skin appearance.