Facelift Alternatives - Laser Skin Resurfacing

What is laser resurfacing?
It’s a procedure which is able to remove the skin layers through precision. After the process, new skin cells are formed as you heal which can give you a younger and tighter looking surface. You can do this procedure alone or combine it with other instant face lift cosmetic surgeries.
How to prepare for laser skin resurfacing
  • You must consult your cosmetic surgeon about this procedure you decide if you can undergo it. However, you will realize that there are so many types of laser skin resurfacing such as Erbium laser resurfacing and CO2 laser resurfacing. Depending on the type of procedure which the doctor offers and the one you prefer, the instructions will vary. • In case you smoke you stop at least one month before you undergo the procedure. Smoking has been found to decrease blood flow and constrict blood vessels, thereby making laser resurfacing less effective and difficult to heal. You must also stop drinking alcohol about two weeks before you undergo this procedure. • In some cases, some cosmetic doctors will recommend you to use a certain cream to your skin such as Solaquin or Retin-A for about one month before you commence the treatment. This is meant to ensure that your skin is in the healthiest condition, moisturized and smooth before treatment. • You must also avoid taking any medications which contain aspirin or blood thinning agents for about one week • You can also prepare yourself psychologically and also buy the over the counter medications which your doctor may recommend.
What do you expect during laser resurfacing procedure
During the procedure, the doctor must apply some sort of anesthesia so that you do not feel the pain as he/she performs lasabrasion. After this, a laser will be placed in the areas which have issues and removal of irregular layers of the skin is done. Currently, many people choose to undergo laser skin resurfacing so that they can minimize wrinkles around the mouth, nose, eyes, lessen the appearance of some irregularities for instance scars, age spots, and sun spots. You can experience some redness of the eyes but this will fade away after a short period of time depending on the patient.
The process of recovering from laser skin resurfacing
  • After you have removed the bandage you must take care of your skin in the best way possible and be able to wash it at least 2 or 3 times in a day by soaps recommended by the doctor. You can dry your skin lightly within rubbing it very hard. You can apply an ointment such as Vaseline to make sure that your skin is well moistened.
  • You can avoid wearing contact lenses for about one week since in many cases you are likely to sweet and it can be difficult for you to remove your lenses. • You should drink or smoke before you recover from this procedure. • After a few days, it’s expected that your skin will start to form crusts. You are not supposed to remove the scabs as they will peel off gently as you continue to apply the moisturizing products.
What you can expect after the laser skin resurfacing
  1. Your skin will be tightened into a new form
This procedure is very important as it assists in reducing creases, lines, removing or reducing facial wrinkles without any challenges.
  1. No more pigmentation and scars issues
By injecting lasers into your skin you will be able to remove all the infections and dermatological issues after a certain period.
  1. Improves sunspots
This procedure normally starts by cleansing your body which can lead to improvement of the sun-damaged skin.
  1. Offer you a younger look
Through laser skin surfacing you will be able to vaporize the top layer of your skin, this will tighten it so that the lost elasticity which is due to aging can be recovered.
Finally, this procedure is expected to take bout one hour in treating the face but a full face can take up to 2 hours. After the procedure, the surgeon must bandage treated areas to enhance the healing process. After one day you must clean these areas about 5 times a day and then apply petroleum jelly ointment so that you can limit scabs from forming.