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Jade Roller for Eye Bags: Does it Work?

The fashion industry is taking new leaps with innovative discoveries. From fine line to under eye bags, the little innovations are on to make every woman dream come true – To look exceptionally beautiful. If you are a make-up enthusiast who loves to update with the current trends and want to know the latest aids that can accentuate your beauty, this is for you.

Recently the market is boomed with a little magical tool which imitates the aesthetician cold hand sensation to massage your skin. You guessed it right! We are talking about the Jade Rollers. These small innovative rollers are devised to deliver an exquisite facial experience to the user up.

Why is Jade Roller for eye bags becoming favorite depuffing device?

Similar to a miniature paint roller, it comes with sponge towards the metal handle end and a pure jade oblong piece. These rollers are also available with the rollers on both ends. One end has a small roller for under eyes, and the other end has a large roller to massage jawline, forehead, neck, and cheeks.

It claimed to be beneficial to all skin types and an essential inclusion for your skin care regime. It is a crucial tool to cool down your skin after a harsh session of skin pricking due to blemishes and blackhead extraction. If you keep it in the freezer, the results on your skin will be more satiating. All you need to roll the affected area with this roller to alleviate the feelings of itching and pain.

How does it work for your skin?

As claimed jade roller for eye bags is effective in reducing puffiness, here is the science behind it. The lymphatic system of the skin gets the message. It is the network of tissues under the skin which are imperative to get rid of the waste and toxins. The excess water is removed when we massage the lymphatic system leading to the reduction in the puffiness. You derive a cleaner, healthier and nourished skin when the lymph under your skin flows freely.

Advantages of Using the Jade Roller

  1. It improves the skin tone as well as blood circulation.
  2. It effectively enhances lymphatic drainage.
  3. Effective in reducing the under-eye dark circles
  4. By reducing the pores, it helps in tightening up the skin.
  5. It treats the wrinkles and puffiness
  6. It helps eliminate the toxins from your skin
  7. It gradually improves the elasticity of your skin.

A Guide on How to Use Jade Roller

This roller should be used on clean and moisturized skin.

  1. You should start from the clavicle and move towards the jawline and neck. So it would help if you used this roller in upward strokes for useful results.
  2. Move them further to chin, nose, and forehead.
  3. Eyes should be the final destination to reach with this roller.
  4. The two preferred directions which should be followed with this roller are upward and outward.


We can conclude that if you are jostling with the under eye puffiness, jade roller for eye bags is one of the best deals to explore to get rid of such issues. Do you ever expect that your skin regime could be so easy?