chilled spoons for eye bags

Home Remedies for Treating Your Eye Bags

Our eyes are like an index to the health of the body and mind and it doesn’t take very long for a disturbance in either to manifest itself in the eyes. One of the ways is in the form of puffy baggy eyes leaving us looking tired, sleepy, and old beyond our years irrespective of age, health or gender.

Stress, strain, fatigue, mental tension, and water retention are common causes. How to remove eye bags instantly is a concern and it starts with some good loving care for the body with good food, exercise, rest and medical support if needed.

DIY Eye Bag Treatments

There are some home remedies that will get rid of these undesirable eye bags.

Chilled Spoons

An unlikely option but a couple of cereal spoon when chilled in a refrigerator for a few minutes can be useful by placing the back of each spoon with eyes closed when you are lying down can help your eyes rest and relax. After 10 minutes the puffiness would have reduced since they would be soothed by the coldness which also constricts blood vessels.

Sliced Potatoes

Another remedy for puffy eyes that you can try is a potato slice on each eye. The potato must be cut into slices that are four to six half-inch-thick. Place each slice on each eye and lie down about 10 minutes with it.

The anti-inflammatory enzyme catecholase in potato helps reduce the under eye bags and dark circles too. Once you are done, wash the area with water and apply coconut oil that will compensate for any dryness caused by the potato.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are known to be a natural astringent and you can use these to treat swollen under-eye area or eye-bags as we know them. You need to whip the whites of two eggs until it is a smooth liquid and apply with your finger on the eye bags. After about 5 to 10 minutes you would feel the skin tightening and that tells you it is time to rinse off with lukewarm water and admire your clearer face and eyes.

Green Tea Bags

This useful remedy can be prepared by soaking two teabags in ice water for a few minutes. You can feel the effects by placing one tea bag under each eye and maintaining this cover for 15 to 20 minutes on the eyes. The anti-inflammatory property of green tea works on the swelling while the antioxidants fight free radicals that can affect skin cells. You can also benefit from the tannins in the tea that works as a gentle astringent while the caffeine in the tea brings down blood flow and reduces puffiness.

Cold Cucumber Slices

Cucumbers are a familiar eye ailment remedy and are used in beauty treatments in spas. For eye bags, it can work well if you keep a cucumber in the fridge for some time. You would need to slice it up into one-half-inch pieces and use one slice on each eye, preferably lie down with it for some time. The caffeic acid in the cucumber helps to restrict blood vessels, more so the chilled pieces while the vitamin C in it is useful against irritated skin.

Drinking Water

Yes, it is plain drinking water that will remove those puffy eyes even if appears contrary to what we have heard or believed. Drink enough water and your body can get rid of the toxins and fluids naturally including those that cause swelling. Doctors recommend drinking about nine cups of water a day for women and about 13 cups for men. The larger implication is fluids of any kinds and includes sparkling waters, flavored waters, green tea or other liquids.

Proper Sleep

Though this doesn’t fit into the definition of remedy it helps to repeat that the quality and quantity of sleep is an important determinant and reason for the appearance of puffy eye bags. For quantity, ensure that you get about hours of comfortable sleep. Quality of sleep can be ensured by keeping your head elevated while you sleep, using two (or more) pillows or a special wedge pillow. An elevated position removes puffiness since it ensures there is no pooling of fluid in your lower eyelids.