Liquid Facelift - Restylane

I guess while walking across the city streets, you have heard of beauty companies advertising creams and lotions that can lift your face and make it firm. You may also have heard of medical practitioners talking of products that they can inject into the skin of the face causing a regular facelift. As much as the two statements sound different, both of them are talking of the same thing known as Liquid Facelift.

The liquid facelift is an upcoming trend that has taken the world of beauty by storm, and it is very effective. Facelifting is commonly done using facial dermal fillers. All natural cosmetic fillers are designed to undo facial wrinkles and folds by restoring volume and fullness to the skin. The various brands of facial dermal fillers include hyaluronic Acid-Based fillers like Restylane and Juvederm and calcium-based fillers like Radiesse. Today I choose to focus on Restylane.

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid-containing dermal filler used for treating skin aging by plumping up the skin. It contains lidocaine to reduce pain during the procedure. Restylane is majorly applied in treating shallow-depth wrinkles, for example, nasolabial folds which refer to the lines from the edges of your mouth to your nose.

It also treats marionette which are the lines running from the jawline towards the edges of your mouth. It may also be induced to enhance the definition of the lips. Restylane type L can also be used instead of the lidocaine to minimise pain while undergoing the procedure. Many experts prefer to combine more than one dermal filler brands which are applied in separate parts to achieve optimal results.

Restylane Treatment

Restylane procedures work best when for shallow-depth folds and wrinkles, or areas with small skin depressions. Restylane procedures are almost painless and very fast to conduct. Before the procedure, an anaesthetic is first induced to reduce pain. The doctor then injects the filler using a fine needle.

The filler is usually a thin gel. The treatment costs between $450 and $3000 depending on the number of injections the client needs. The procedure takes at most half an hour to be completed.

Side Effects of Restylane

Most side effects of Restylane are short-term. These may include swelling, temporary redness, small scars at the target area and tenderness. Bumpy projections may also form beneath the skin surface at the injected area but rarely. These side effects are felt for less than a week after which they dissipate. Clients are advised to seek medical attention should they experience the side effects for more than a week.

Achievements of Restylane

The results of the procedure vary from one patient to the other. One patient’s body may react very differently to a single dose while the same dosage can give perfect results to another patient. After the procedure, the patient is expected to get an instant facelift.

The impacts should be visible on the spot to allow for corrections whenever new collagen reappears. The target area should immediately turn fuller and smoother, and with an increased volume compared to before the treatment is conducted.

Recommendations For Perfect Results

The effects of Restylane on a patient’s body depends on the body’s ability to break it down. A single injection of Restylane lasts between 4 and 12 months. Doctors recommend that the treatments should not exceed three in a year to achieve the desired results.

The medications are reduced overtime with smaller dosages being administered every subsequent visit. This is as a result of long-term benefits of gaining new collagen. A plastic surgeon or a dermatologist should only conduct the procedure.


Breastfeeding women or pregnant women are adviced against using dermal fillers. Any person with a bleeding disorder or anyone who has recently used blood thinners should also avoid dermal fillers. Patients who experience severe allergic reactions should also be cautious. Restylane gives subtle results for patients with deep folds or wrinkles.

Restylane is one of the best dermal fillers in the market for face-lifting. It works almost perfectly for shallow-depth wrinkles. However, other alternatives exist in the market which is more effective than Restylane. I would recommend Juvederm Ultra Plus especially for patients with deep-set wrinkles or folds. It is more vigorous treatments compared to Restylane.