makeup to hide your eye bags

Makeup Products to Hide your Eye Bags

Covering eye bags isn't easy especially when using makeup. You have to find the perfect balance so that you don't end up using them too much makeup that draws attention to your face or too little makeup that still shows off your eye bags. Eye bags are also harder to get rid of because of their cause.

According to Mount Sinai’s director of cosmetic research in dermatology, eye bags are caused by fluid retention around the eyes. Getting rid of that fluid is the best way to remedy the situation and it can't be done easily by makeup.

Despite the difficulties, hiding the eye bags is still worth trying and is achievable.

How to Hide Your Eye Bags with Makeup Products


When trying to rectify your eye bags with a concealer, you have to first keep your eyes under cool temperatures. This can be achieved by putting a few ice cubes in a towel and placing them on your eyes for a few minutes, usually not more than 10 minutes. The aim is to soothe the area and keep it moisturized. Ice is one of the best times to use due to its ability to reduce inflammation. If ice is unavailable, a cold spoon or a piece of cucumber can provide similar results. A cucumber will also keep the area hydrated whereas a spoon will only keep it cool to reduce puffiness. Remember to massage the area around the eyes gently in circular motions to enhance blood flow. This will also help with reducing the swelling.

After the message, you can then apply concealer. Begin with an eye serum to keep your eye protected then proceed to the concealer. Make sure you choose a product that's made with natural ingredients to keep your eye moisturized. A good concealer will eliminate the eye bags and keep the whole area well nourished. You can use your finger or a brush. Just remember to keep it even.


When using a mascara you have to combine it with eyeliner. They work by drawing attention to other parts of the eye making the bags unrecognizable. As such, if you have eye bags on the upper eyelids, you have to apply mascara on the lower section and vise versa.

If the upper eyelids have the bags, start with applying eyeliner on the lower eyelashes. Choose a more neutral color to make it look more natural and go past the corner of your eyes. Apply mascara on both eyelashes keeping its minimum on the upper lashes and more on lower lashes. Use a neutral color of mascara such as black or brown.

If you have eye bags on the lower section, apply eyeliner on the upper eyelid, blending it in to increase the effect. Next, apply two to three coats of mascara on the upper lashes and only one coat in the lower ones. Use an eyelash curler to make the eyes pop.

If makeup products do not work for you, we have a complete guide on how to get rid of under eye bags instantly without the using concealers or mascaras.