The 3 Best Anti-Aging Ingredients You’ve Never Heard Of

The 3 Best Anti-Aging Ingredients You’ve Never Heard Of

The skin care market is inundated with Vitamin E creams and coconut-infused creams, but when it comes to highly effective anti-aging serums, some of the very best ingredients go unnoticed. Here are three ingredients that should be a part of your skin care routine, even though you’ve never heard of them:

1. Chinese Basil

Chinese Basil is a natural antiseptic that helps clean the skin, killing harmful bacteria. It also has significant moisturizing benefits, unlike many antibacterial skin care ingredients that will dry out and potentially damage the skin. It has been shown to moisturize the skin 43.8% better than a base lotion alone. For these reasons, it has traditionally been used in China for cleaning and healing minor cuts and wounds. Phyto-biotics Perilla, a Chinese Basil-derived stem cell, was shown to increase skin’s moisture level by 74.2% in just 24 hours, and regular daily use over 4 weeks showed a 143.6% increase. Keeping your skin moisturized is an essential factor in preventing wrinkles caused by extrinsic damage, which is why Chinese Basil and Phyto-biotics Perilla are included in Bratoxin.  

2. Veegum

Also present in Bratoxin, Veegum is a magnesium-based ingredient derived from natural clay. It acts as a skin tightening agent, immediately improving the skin’s texture and appearance. It also has a secondary function in topical skin serums; it spreads evenly across the skin to help deliver other active ingredients effectively and eliminates any tacky or sticky feeling in topicals. Instead, it leaves your skin tighter and with a smooth, youthful glow.

3. Chrondrus Crispus Extract (Irish Sea Moss)

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Chrondrus Crispus, more commonly known as Irish sea moss, is another hydrating ingredient that plumps the skin, with the additional benefit of delivering important nutrients to the skin such as vitamins C, E, K, and B6 and minerals iodine, magnesium, and selenium. In its natural environment, Irish sea moss protects itself from harsh UV rays and other external stressors with an external membrane shield. When made into an extract, it can create a similar protective layer over the skin that holds in moisture and protects against environmental threats to the skin. It’s a key ingredient in the Botox-alternative serum Bratoxinsta.

There’s always more to discover in anti-aging skin care! Be sure to explore the other clinically-dosed ingredients that make Brazilian Facelift so remarkable!