The Natural Alternative to Facelifts in One Key Ingredient

As we age, our skin loses its fullness and elasticity, resulting in sagging and deeper wrinkles. Many women and men have turned to facelifts and injectable fillers as a way to regain a youthful plumpness, but what if we told you there was another option? An option that required no expensive and painful cosmetic surgery, actually helped heal your skin, and was all-natural? You’d jump at the opportunity to use it, right?

What if we then told you it’s an ingredient that comes from Amazonian snails?

snail mucin

If that concerns you, it shouldn’t! This natural ingredient is called Protelixan, and it’s been used in skin care for decades in both Brazil and South Korea, and it even dates back to ancient Greece. Protelixan is derived from snail mucin, which snails use to hydrate, restore, renew, and protect their own skin. Not to worry, though, the collection process is entirely humane and cruelty-free; the snails are placed over a mesh net and left to freely roam for a short period of time, leaving mucin in their wake, and then returned to their regulated environment to rest. The mucin is then processed into Protelixan for cosmetic use.

The Benefits of Protelixan

Protelixan has a number of benefits for the skin and was first developed to heal scar tissue. Since then, we’ve uncovered all of its components that make it an incredible anti-aging ingredient too:

Collagen & Elastin: Help replenish natural collagen and elastin loss due to aging, which plumps the skin.

Vitamins A, C, & E: Stimulate the skin’s natural collagen synthesis and skin renewal.

Allatoin: Stimulates skin regeneration and has healing, anti-irritation, and smoothing effects.

Proteins: Essential nutrients for the skin that can improve texture and luminosity.

Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids: Acts as a gentle exfoliator, which allows better absorption of other active components.

Mucopolysaccharides: Provide hydration and protect the skin from external damage.

Proteolitic Enzymes: Help balance protease and anti-protease levels in the skin, which can cause a variety of skin afflictions when unbalanced.

Thanks to all of these components, Protelixan can not only plump and lift your skin, but it can also hydrate, protect, and smooth your skin as well as heal scarring and discoloration. This is why it’s a key ingredient in Bratoxin. Try it for yourself to see all the natural benefits!