The Cons of a Facelift Surgery

The crave for beauty and desire to remain young by majority of people in recent time, most especially the female celebrity folks have make the cosmetic enhancement industry thrive now more than ever. Though there are several beauty enhancement surgical procedures available as well as non-surgical procedures for enhancing facial beauty, facelift has received more attention in recent time. It is this reason that this article shall be dwelling on the cons of facelift to provide you with information to help you make informed decision when considering an option to go under the knife for a facelift. This is necessary as many people tend to ignore the downsides of facelift surgery
What is a face lift? A face lift which is also known as rhytidectomy medically is a surgical procedure done to remove facial skin for cosmetic mainly for the purpose of reducing aging signs. It may involve the tightening of the skin by manipulating the fats and muscles of the face by surgical procedures.
The Cons of facelift Though there are benefits of facelift surgery which may relatively outweigh the cons, the cons of facelift of facelift surgery are something one should worried about as the damage of a facelift gone wrong could be harming. Below are listed some of the common cons of facelift surgery.
Associated Surgical risk Like every other surgical procedure, facelift has associate risk that may arise which is dependent on surgeon as well as the patient. The complications are dependent on surgeon expertise and the technique used by the surgeon, and the lifestyle of the individual seeking a facelift. The common complication that may arise from a face lift is hematoma. Hematoma is a temporary medical condition that involves the collection of blood outside the blood vessels. This condition can easily be treated with prescriptions in a few days. Other temporary complications that may arise during the procedure is nerve injuries and neurological dysfunction which will occur as loss of sensation.
High financial cost of surgical procedure The financial cost of facelift surgical procedure is one of the cons that is mostly ignored in the analysis to the cons of the procedure. Like any other cosmetic surgical procedure, facelift surgery is an expensive procedure which requires a lot of dollars to get quality facelift service. This high cost of the procedure is the reason only a fraction of persons do it without much thought about the financial burden. However, it is important to note that if you must undergo a facelift surgical procedure, getting a low cost deal, as this may make you to pick a facelift center that offers a low quality services to cut cost. This could be dangerous as facelift decisions are permanent decisions that should not be toyed with,
Loss of time in carrying out the procedure and recovery Facelift like any other procedure requires time for the patient to heal and recover from the surgical procedure. Though it takes an average of 2 weeks for a patient to recover from a facelift and resume work, there are persons who take longer time to heal after a facelift. This is the reason nonsurgical procedures that requires no downtime are been developed daily. It is advisable for an individual who has undergone a facelift surgical procedure abstain from exercise and engaging in strainous activities for proper healing. The amount of time spent on recovery can also be reduced by having a healthy post-surgery lifestyle which may involve maintaining diets, getting of good sleep and applying ointment to the affected areas.
Another con that is mostly overlooked is the pre-surgical time that is lost. A lot of time is usually spent in considering, planning, consulting and carrying out the surgical procedure. This should be considered before undergoing a facelift surgery.
The need to do a follow-up surgery in the future: People who have done a facelift most especially the old folks tend to want to do another facelift in the future to maintain the young look as a facelift takes an average of 10- 15 years to require a new one. Other facelift surgery cons may include bad aesthetic consequences which may arise if the when the incision is poorly done which will make the sideburns to be raised and the hairline altered to be behind the ear, loss of hair, redness and itching of the skin.
From these cons of facelift surgery, it is therefore important that you weigh your options before having a facelift surgery and ensure that you get a quality service to avoid a situation you never bargained for.