Top Alternatives to Botox

Age wrinkles are feared and disliked by men and women alike. Both the timely or untimely aging signs are wrinkles and therefore one tries to hide them to look young and beautiful. There are a number of treatments and products designed to remove forehead lines and other wrinkles. The treatments vary in cost, as well as effectiveness. So, here's a look at what you can do to get smoother skin and how much it will cost you.


There are about a half dozen different compounds that practitioners inject into the fatty tissue layer in order to smooth out wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, calcium-based microspheres, and other synthetic agents have been developed for this purpose. The drawbacks of all of these fillers include the formation of hard nodules that require additional injections to reduce them. The cost to remove forehead lines and other wrinkles in this way vary depending on the type of injectable used. You can expect to pay as much as $1000 per treatment.


The new relaxers on the market are loosely based on the effects seen with Botox. Ingredient names include Argireline and GABA. The safety of these ingredients has not been proven, as the label on the product should indicate. But, at least, they are safer than the injections. The cost varies depending on the amount of the active ingredient included in the product, as well as the types of moisturizers they are added to.

Anti-Aging Creams

Anti-aging creams may help remove forehead lines and other wrinkles, safely if they contain the right ingredients. Researchers have done a lot of work in this field of study. As the number of people aged 50 and up continues to increase, it was known that there would be a big market for these products, particularly since people are living longer and staying healthier.

The retail prices of these creams vary so much it is difficult to even give you an estimate of what you can expect to pay. As with the relaxers, it depends a lot on the number of active ingredients included in the product, but the famous brand names will cost more, just because of the amount of advertising the companies do.

While selecting the cream to prevent age wrinkles, one must try to use ones that are made with natural products rather than synthetic. This helps in getting least or almost no side effects or allergy from such creams. These anti-aging wrinkle creams are extremely wonderful because all the important skin ingredients to avoid wrinkles are contained in it as follows:

  1. Collagen-the collagen is important to the skin for two reasons. First, it provides protein to the skin which obviously provides nutrition and moisture for glow. Second, it produces firmness to the skin. These creams also help in stimulating the natural production of collagen from the body. Thus, the firmness of the skin, provided by collagen avoids wrinkles.
  2. Phytessence Wakame-This ingredient is specifically incorporated in these skin care products from the seas of Japan. The Phytessence Wakame helps to absolutely stop the breakdown of the hyaluronidase to hyaluronic acid. This hyaluronic acid is dangerous to the skin since it makes the collagen and elastin of the skin to lose their glue. Thus the skin becomes less compact and firm giving way to wrinkles. Thus, the wrinkle formation is wonderfully stopped by these products through the content of natural Phytessence Wakame.
  3. Xtend-TK-This wonder substance is present in these anti-wrinkle creams which sustain the content of moisture in the skin by fourteen percent in just 18 days of regular use. Again, it has been reported that Xtend-TK increases the elasticity of the skin by about 42% in approximately eighteen days of use. Thus, one gets a glowing, wrinkle-free skin type through the use of these reliable skin creams.
  4. CoQ10-basically is a type of antioxidant. The wrinkles and skin aging are mainly caused by some free radicals. These free radicals are met with before the skin-damaging by this CoQ10 to put a temporary stop to the formation of age wrinkles.
  5. Another ingredient that should help remove forehead lines is Functional Keratin, a protein formula proven to stimulate the growth of elastic fibers and new skin cells. Give the creams a try first. You might not need the more expensive solutions.

The usual mindset about the costlier products leading to more benefit should be avoided. These products are skin friendly and affordable. Various users testify the fact that the wonderful and natural ingredients of these creams to prevent untimely and excessive wrinkles are one of a kind and must be tried for best results.