Type of Wrinkles – Elastic Creases

Everybody wants to age without ever getting wrinkles. At some point, wrinkles are a sign of aging while in other circumstances that is not the case. There are different reasons why wrinkles may appear on your body even when you are young. These include poor diet and improper skin care habits. There are a number of things that one can do to avoid the creases. The elastic crease starts as creases startup as crease lines. The lines eventually develop into wrinkles as you age. The most rampant places where the creases develop are the cheeks, neck base and at the upper lip.
Causes of elastic creases
Smoking has an overall effect on your body when it comes to wrinkles. The reason behind this is that as you smoke, a lot of carbon dioxide accumulates in your body. Oxygen levels that reach the skin are minimal. As a result, healthy skin cells are not produced resulting in poor skin conditions. The upper lip gets wrinkled as well as under the eyes. The individual who smokes, therefore, tends to look older when compared to a nonsmoker.
Exposure to sun
Sun is an important source of vitamins. On the other hand, when the rays get hotter can destruction to the skin. We have the ultraviolet A and B rays. A is able to penetrate through the skin and get to the deep layers. The UV B rays are responsible for causing sunburns on your skin. That moment when one lies comfortably enjoying the hot sun especially after enjoying oneself is harmful to the skin. You are simply exposing your skin to wrinkles as much of it gets damaged by the sun.
Inadequate sleep
Having adequate sleeping hours is very important when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. Why is this? Proper sleep means that the PH of your body is on the right track. Altering it leads to poor hydration of the skin cells. As a result, fewer toxins are removed from the body which leads to the overall destruction of your skin causing wrinkles.
This is another leading factor for body creases. Holding too much to yourself has the power to make you look older. The reason is that stress raises the sugar levels in the body. The collagen and the elastic fibers are responsible for keeping the skin firm. Once they are destroyed by high blood sugar, they cause the skin
to sag causing wrinkles. The ability of the skin to hold moisture is also lessened due to increase in cortisol.
Your body should always be hydrated. When the skin loses too much moisture in it, it is under threat of developing wrinkles. This is because collagen molecules which are dehydrated can crack and end up clumping resulting in wrinkles.
Instant face lift
Once the elastic creases have established themselves, it is difficult to remove them as they are permanent. Nevertheless, you can do an instant face lift that will help reduce the visibility of the wrinkles on your face mostly. Here are some of the ways.
Instant face lift massage
Having a message on the skin is important for its lift. It helps lift your skin and the creased. There is a visible difference before and after the message.
Use of instant face lift products
These products are able to provide a temporary lift to the creased skin. This is achieved by the ability of these products to tighten the skin. A procedure for application must be followed to bring out the best results.
Apply makeups in the right way
Makeups provide an amazing instant face lift. They help cover the creases when you make the right contouring.
Use of appropriate hairstyle
This is another aspect when it comes to maintaining an instant lift. There are several hairstyles that make the lift. A ponytail helps in this a lot. Trying this one out brings hides these wrinkles.
Elastic creases are not pleasing especially when they come at an early age. It makes one's confidence to become low. It is important if one is able to identify the possible causes of these elastic creases in order to avoid them before they occur. In other cases, they might have taken their position on your body. This does not mean that nothing can be done. One can still the above-explained ways to help bring an instant face lift.

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