Types of wrinkles - Compression Wrinkles

Types of wrinkles - Compression Wrinkles
The regular facial expression which we display on our faces is responsible for many of the wrinkles which appear on our faces. The old people do not have any characteristics which can assist them to bounce back the wrinkles while in younger people, these wrinkles can disappear once one removes the force. There are numerous differences between expression wrinkles and compression wrinkles. You must know that expression wrinkles do occur due to muscle contractions while compression wrinkles occur as a result of external forces. These two types of wrinkles do appear in various areas of your face and they are directly related to each other. It’s good that you know how these wrinkles are caused and the remedies. An overview of the compression wrinkles is as shown below.
Researchers have found that the facial tissue is prone to tensile mechanic forces, shear and compression especially as are sleeping through our stomach or sideways making our skin to be stretched. Depending on our sleeping position and the amount of time that we sleep, these forces will become very strong.
Compression wrinkle development is usually not predictable based on the fact that there so many variables which influences it. It’s vital that you identify the etiology changes which occur due to aging. As you are sleeping at night these tiny lines usually appear at night on your chest, neck, and face and are caused due to compression o your face against your pillow. Although this compression usually disappears during the day, it’s vital that you change your sleeping positions since they might be long-term. There are so many ways on how you can deal with compression wrinkles, some of them are:
  1. Having better sleeping positions
Sleeping on your back is the only position where you will be able to limit the appearance of compression wrinkles since you will not be able to put a lot of strain on your skin. One reason why you should not sleep on your stomach or side is that the entire weight of your head will be transferred to the part of the face which is pressing the pillow. Using a contoured pillow can be the best option to sleep comfortably on your back. It will be able to support and cradle your head well to assist in minimizing a lot of movements as you are sleeping. By minimizing any pressure from your skin you will be in a better position to avoid compression wrinkles.
  1. Using silky pillowcases
One of the main causes of compression wrinkles has been found to be cotton pillowcases. Cotton is usually rough on the skin and can bunch you up as you sleep. According to studies if you are able to use smoother pillows which are made of silky can assist you to minimize the risk of such wrinkles on your skin.
  1. Nourishing your skin
    You must know that wrinkles usually build up in areas where collagen pigment has been drowned out of the skin. The continuous folding of this areas is due to
the breakdown of the breakdown of protein form wear and tear. Although your skin is able to replace some it while you sleep, it will get to a time when the wear and tear will be greater than the skin repair.
If you are able to conduct a good skin care such taking products which are rich in Vitamin E, C and A can assist in fighting the wrinkles. These protein assists in the production of elastin and collagen which is responsible for your skin going back into place.
When you have a large amount of these materials will mean that you will be able to reduce produce pigments which limit the appearance of wrinkles.
Finally, the idea of getting rid of compression is all about managing the causes and doing all things which ensure that your skin is repaired especially in the wrinkles areas. It may not be that hard, as the only challenge which may arise will be changing the sleeping position which you are used to. Sleeping through your back can be the best way for you to reduce the appearance of compression wrinkles. Follow the above guide and you will never have any challenge when it comes to compression wrinkles.

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