Types of Face Masks

When many people are having fun during the holidays they get involved in great parties. In this case, they end up overindulging in drinking a lot of alcohol and too many sugars. When you engage yourself in drinking, your skin will get dehydrated. On the other hand, high sugar levels in your body can damage the proteins fibers on which elastin and collagen depend so as to keep your skin plump, firm and without wrinkles.

Apart from taking a lot of sugars and alcohol, many people try to get a lot of sleep after having funs. Since a lot of repair processes in the body happen when one is sleeping, if you sacrifice your sleep so that you can attend a party can interfere with the skin repair and turnover. This may lead to a case where new skin cells will not be formed correctly. Inadequate sleep can also put your body into stress, which can result in the release of stress-related hormones which can lead to skin inflammation. What can we do so that we can rescue ourselves from such inflammation?

Regardless of the skin type that you have, you’re required to plump up and rehydrate your skin cells. However, the best thing is that currently there are so many types of facial masks for every type of skin which can assist in jump-starting repairs and assist in combating party induced woes. In case you’re not sure what kind of face mask is the best for you, then the homemade masks highlighted below can be of great help as you look forward to having a more beautiful face.

Types of face masks

Having a regular organic face mask is an affordable and easy way that you can use in taking care of your skin at home. It’s also the best way of enhancing your daily skincare routine. There’re so many types of face mask such as:

The clay mask

The clay mud mask is one of the best ways for treating congested and clogged pores as it works in removing impurities from the skin while minimizing the pores. It’s good that you get ultra-absorbing white clays, for instance, bentonite and kaolin since they will leave your skin super clean and also nourished. To have the best impact, you must apply this mask to well-cleansed skin. This mask has the ability to remove any extra oils from your face.

The sheet mask

It’s usually saturated in ingredients such as caffeine and hyaluronic acid which are able to penetrate skin dermis, thereby working to hydrate and also reduce puffiness. Sheet masks can work with all types of skin due to the formulas which they contain, especially for resistant skin types.

Cream masks

Best for use in dry and normal skin. These masks are very rich moisturizers and oils which can penetrate deeply into your skin so as to replenish your dry cells. Cream masks which have hyaluronic acid are very advantageous as they bind and attract moisture so as to pump up flat skin cells. In addition to this, the algae extracts can assist to firm and tighten your skin pores.

Exfoliating face mask

In case your skin is grey and dull, the exfoliating face mask can assist in making your face glow again. Alpha-hydroxyl acids and volcanic rock are some of the ingredients which create this chemical. You can apply this mask to clean skin and rinse it after 10 minutes. These masks have natural skin brightening properties, which can offer you a healthy and glow within your skin. This masks can also slough off the dulling dead skin cells and purge the deep-seated dirt which may exist in your pores using the hydroxyl acids( such as lactic and glycolic acids) and the fruit's enzymes ( from pineapple and papaya fruits). It’s best for many skin types, but in case you have sensitive skin, then you can try an enzyme skin mask.

As seen above, you will realize that there’re so many face masks which you can use in enhancing the beauty of your skin face. It’s upon you to choose the best organic face mask which suits you depending on the type of skin that you have.

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