Using Multiple Face Masks

Face masks are associated primarily with various formulations applied to the skin? Now it's just one of the options - we can also choose masks in the sheet, so-called sheet masks. What is worth knowing about them and what is their high popularity?

Instead of applying face masks to the face, you can simply apply a cloth soaked invaluable ingredients.

Face masks have been very popular in Asia for many years, but only a few have become famous in many countries. When you have never used this type of mask, try it out.

Organic Face Mask for multiple uses

Two years ago, the Internet flooded the faces of girls, decorated with different colors. They said that this beauty is good for skin health. The girls did not try to advertise an art exhibition or promote a new method of body art, they demonstrated a real beauty trend. The point is to apply several masks to different areas of the face and become even more beautiful. Since multi-masking is becoming more and more popular with us, we decided to find out how justified this kind of beauty is.

Multi-masking is the use of several face masks at once. Moreover, they are applied to different areas. This trend, as usual, came to us from Asia when the Boscia brand released a special set of masks, consisting of four products in multi-colored tubes and a brush for applying them. Asians are very sensitive to skin care, so multistage care and the use of a whole line of jars at a time is the absolute norm for them.

The advantages of this beauty procedure weight. Dermatologists note that in different parts of the face, the skin has its own needs, for example, the area around the eyes needs lifting and moisturizing, and the T-zone differs from other areas by greater sebum production. Therefore, instead of alternating between different masks that can help one area of the face and harm another, it is better to use several masks at the same time.

How to join the multi-mask Dermatologists warn that multitasking is not a harmless procedure. The fact is that several cosmetics on the skin can cause severe allergies, and its culprit will be difficult to establish.

Therefore, before applying the mask, it makes sense to try each separately. During the week, apply on a neutral area of the skin of the face (for example, at the chin line: there the skin is mostly smooth and does not suffer from dryness or excess sebum) mask. Watch the reaction carefully. If everything is in order, feel free to do a multi-mask!

Different care for different parts of the face As we said above, each zone of our face requires a special relationship, so multitasking should be done as follows.


In the area of the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), the skin is usually prone to excessive sebum production and a large accumulation of black spots and inflammations. Perfectly remove their cleansing masks based on coal, black clay, and acids, for example, salicylic. They relieve black spots, narrow pores.

Cheekbones and cheeks

This area of the face needs to be moisturized and protected, as a rule, it suffers from flaking, this is where the dull complexion is most noticeable. Therefore, for the cheeks and cheekbones, awakening masks with vitamin C, moisturizing herbal ingredients, antioxidants, and peptides are simply indispensable.

The skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is the most tender. It is thin and almost devoid of fatty glands. So, she just needs support in the form of patches with retinol and refreshing gels. For those who suffer from dark circles under the eyes and swelling, masks with drainage components such as caffeine, Centella Asian, plant extracts are perfect.


The neck is not less than the face worthy of careful care. Nutritious compositions, tightening formulas and comfortable cream textures are perfect for neck skin. Look for masks of hyaluronic acid, panthenol, grape seed oil, vitamin E, seaweed extracts.

Anti-aging care

In anti-aging multitasking, texture is important; cream is preferable. Means for different zones need to be chosen based on pressing problems. Prevention of pigment spots is important for the cheeks and cheekbones since in these places they appear, first of all, the T-zone needs hydration, and the same lifting agent can be used for the eyes and lips. It is very convenient to use masks in the form of patches for these zones.

The cosmetic industry offers a huge selection of face masks, designed for use in professional salons, and for use at home. However, face masks at home continue to enjoy stable popularity. The reason for such a love for folk recipes is that the mask prepared with its own hands from quality ingredients is obviously more natural and more natural than a creamy mass stuffed with preservatives from a pharmacy or store. In addition, not everyone can afford professional care in salons.