Types of Facelift – Liquid Facelift

There are many options that can help you if you notice visible signs of facial aging. Many people turn to anti-aging creams like Botox and even plastic surgery. If you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines or give a little more fullness to the cheeks and lips, the solution could fill up. These are temporary treatments that provide immediate results without surgery. This article explains in details about what fillers are, how fillers work and some of their types.
What are fillers?
The instant face lift or fillers are gels or compounds that are injected into the face to fill folds, wrinkles, and deep wrinkles, increase the age of the face and raise the cheeks.
The viscosity in the fillers refers to the flow rate and the measuring capacity of the filler. The thicker the filling, the better its shape, while the finer filling is more fluid. Elasticity describes how the filler maintains its shape when the face moves, like when it smiles and frowns.
Facial fillings are injected to lift, smooth and fill or recalculate parts of the face. The biggest problem of aging is often the modified appearance of the eyes: the skeletal appearance of the temples and ocular cavities; bags for larger eyes; certain shadows and empty spots around the eyes; and also frown. The volumetric fillers restore softness and shine to the general appearance of the eye area. They can hide their shadows and bags in their eyes, restore the volume lost around the temple and raise the wrinkled eyebrows.
Injectable fillers, such as those of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and synthetic polymer are widely accepted as a filling of facial wrinkles. However, with advances in skin care technologies, we have learned what new facial anti-wrinkle fillers we can use instead of the traditional ones.
Types of fillers
There are numerous kinds of fillings to improve facial appearance. Collagen makes some face lifter and is found naturally in the bones and teeth. Hyaluronic also makes some face lifters found in the body, especially around the joints and eyes. Hydrocapsules are face-lifters that occur in bones and is used only on heavy folds. The synthetic face lifter called Polylactic stimulates the collagen production. This is different from other types of facial liftings, which does not delay results.
You should know the recent facial fillers for face folds, because more choices, so you can really see what suits your desire and also your finance. Anti-wrinkle creams get more preferable for types to be given as an injection. It is non-invasive and can bring more durable results. The new facial fillers for wrinkles are now more active favoring the production of collagen and elastin.

There are a few noticeable liquid facelift fillers such as sculptra, juvaderm and restylane.

How instant face lift work
The treatment method is relatively simple. The injections are placed in the areas where you want to get more fullness. It only takes a few seconds per page, so the process itself can only take a few minutes. If you have deep lines or scars, you need to inject them more deeply, which can be painful. Therefore, local anesthesia is usually administered for this type of problem.
Results of the instant face lift
Bottling treatments usually give immediate results. Their thin lips become thick, their superficial cheeks can become more fleshy, wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced or eliminated and the scars become less visible. Filling treatments are an excellent way to avoid a more durable and expensive procedure, such as facelift or facelift. However, it is important to know that the filling results are only temporary. If you want to keep these results, you will need regular injections. Without maintenance, the skin returns to normal, which means that the lips become thinner and the wrinkles become visible again.
Risk factors when face lifting
The treatments do not require a recovery period, so you can work right away and continue running your daily chores. After the treatment, for a few days, some bruises may appear but will disappear with time. There may be some issues such as bleeding, and infections these problems don't show up all the times.
Aging, excessive exposure to the sun and lack of skin care affect the natural elasticity of the skin. People, especially women who want to recover their youthful facial expressions, turn to aesthetic doctors to remedy these problems by injecting skin fillers. It is advisable to undertake a research on which product you feel most comfortable with because there are numerous choices.