Types of Facelifts

A facelift is a common surgical treatment as it gives a youthful look to the face by tightening up the loose skin. The process of a facelift is also known as rhytidectomy and is done by removing excess facial fat, repositioning the muscles, tightening the excess skin on the neck, jowls, and face.
By undergoing an instant face lift surgery, you will achieve a look 8-10 years younger than your original age as it reduces the wrinkles. Though there are various types of lifting surgeries, some are less evasive and produce different results but you should be careful while choosing one that will suit your skin and pocket.
  1. S-Lift
This kind of procedure can be used in treating the lower part of the face that is the jaws and neck. In this kind of lift the medical practitioner will used an Sshaped incision so as to separate your skin from the underlying tissue. The surgeon will then lift the skin for him/her to tighten the tissues and muscle. After this the surgeon will close the incision using sutures. The good thing about S-lift is that it’s less invasive and you will take a shorter period of time for you to recover.
  1. Liquid facelift
In this lift, the surgeon will use injectable dermal fillers which are made from calcium, lactic acid, hydrochloric acid and hydroxyapatite to non-surgically smooth plump lips, folds, creases and filly any hollowing areas. Some of the important fillers which are currently used in this kind of lift are Sculptra, Voluma and Juvederm BY these such dermal fillers you will be an ability to delay or prevent an individual for going for facelift surgery.
  1. Cutaneous lift
This facelift address the issues around the lower face and neck area. During this procedure, the surgeon will make incisions within the hairline and around the ear so as to allow make it easier for dissection of the skin from the underlying muscle. The surgeon is then able to remove excess skin and stretches the remaining skin to the incision level before he/she closes the sutures.
  1. Mid facelift
This facelift is very important when it comes to treating your cheeks. During this procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions within your mouth and in the hairline just above the ears. These incisions make it easier for the surgeon to reposition fat pads in the cheeks over the cheekbones at the same time be able to tighten the skin area.
  1. Jawline rejuvenation
This lift is essential when it comes to revitalizing the area between the upper neck and jaw. In this case, the surgeon will be able to remove excess fat at your neck through the liposuction process so that he/she can sculpt your jawline. The fat which is removed can later be used as a natural filler if there is any need by injecting it into the mid-face and check area so as to add volume. This is the best procedure for individuals who have low skin laxity since the skin is not removed in this case.
  1. Browlift
These lifts focus on improving your eyebrow area. Any individuals who have lowered or slightly drooping eyebrows can undergo such a lift as it’s the best alternative for giving their eyebrow area a slight lift without undergoing full browlift which requires more time to heal and is more invasive. In this procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions so as to lift the skin at the brow sides.
  1. Lower Facelift
If you want that only bottom third of your face should be tightened, you should opt for lower facelift surgery. In this type of surgery, an incision is done starting from the front of the ear and is extended down as well as around the back of the ear.
Because the process can leave scars, surgeons have now started doing the process endoscopically where they remove the tissue, fat, and skin & tighten all the muscles by inserting a small instrument under the skin and viewing it through a camera. The incisions are 3/8ths of an inch long and are thus less invasive. The recovery time taken is also very less.
  1. Mini Facelift
This kind of facelift uses smaller incisions under the cover of your hairline compared to the traditional methods which make it less invasive. These kinds of incisions allow the surgeon to tighten your skin so that he/she removes excess tissue layer thereby improving the appearance of your neck and jaws. Sometimes the mini-lifts are referred to us as weekend facelifts since the patients can undergo the process on Friday and be able to resume their work on Monday

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