acai berry and acai fruit juice

Using Acai Berries to Treat Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

Facts About Acai Berries

  • Acai berries are grown in the America. The central part and the southern parts of America have these Acai palm trees.
  • Acai berry has a big seed and the pulp part is only 20 percent of the entire fruit. But, this pulp is no ordinary pulp.
  • The berry is rich in vitamins and nutrients. So, Acai is now considered a super food.
  • Acai berries have been used by the natives of Brazil and this wonder fruit has helped them in many ways.

Benefits of Acai Berries

  • The Acai fruit is packed with anti-oxidants. The fruit has good amount of proteins, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins ( B,C,D), magnesium, and calcium .
  • The fruit is rich in fiber and the fruit is really good for heart.

How can acai help in sleep disorder or insomnia like disease?

Sleep disorder is a prevalent problem. People of almost all the countries in the world suffer from this sleeping problem

There are many reasons behind sleeping disorder. But, the majority of the people suffer from sleep disorder because of stress. Stress is something that excites the brain and body. If the nerves in the body are constantly agitated, it becomes really hard to have a good sleep.

Another problem of sleep disorder is, the short duration of sleep. There are many people who go to bed but jumps up in the middle of the sleep. Some people even fail to complete his/her sleep.

A human body must have 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Without proper sleep, a human body can show signs of different diseases. Sleep disorder can become fatal if not treated with proper care.

Mental rest is crucial for the body. Anger, stress, disappointment, depression can cause sleep disorder.

The Virtues of Acai in Treating Insomnia

It's always a good diet that can help in the case of sleep disorder. Acai fruits in your diet can help you even further.

The fruit has a good amount of amino acids and proteins. These proteins and amino acids help to produce Serotonin in the brain. Your brain requires serotonin and dopamine like compounds to have a sound sleep.

The nutrients in Acai food help the brain with these compounds and you can have a good sleep.

Apart from this, Vitamin B ,Vitamin C, Vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and other micro nutrients can help your brain to have a good sleep.

The Acai berries are full of these Vitamins. So, they can help you to treat the sleep disorder.

How to Have These Acai Fruits?

Acai juice is the best way to treat this sleep disorder condition.

To make the Acai juice you need

  1. Half cup of orange juice
  2. Few frozen strawberries
  3. One banana
  4. Some Acai fruit's pulp.

Now, you can blend them in a mixer. This Acai fruit juice can be taken in the morning or you can have it before you go to bed.

Acai fruit juice can control the stress level of your body. If your body and brain get relaxed, you can have a sound sleep.

Another way to have a good sleep is to relax your face muscles. The Acai face mask is for those who do heavy works outside. Sometimes, heating disturbs the balance of your body.

If you use an acai face mask before sleeping, your face muscles will be relaxed. You can have a nice sleep and your skin will also be improved.

You should never ignore the sleeping disorder. It may lead to hypertension and it may also harm your heart's health. Even, you may develop a bad memory.

Acai berries are a natural solution to this Insomnia. You may want to use the sleeping pills to have a good sleep. But, remember, the sleeping pills have their side effects and they don't provide a long term solution.

But, these Acai fruits have no such harmful side effects. The berries would treat this condition naturally.

The Acai fruits can be a part of your diet. You can have this fruit in many ways. The Acai bowl is a famous recipe. Raw Acai is rare. So, you may have to use frozen Acai or the Acai fruit pulp to make this bowl. The Acai juice is also beneficial for Insomnia. You can try them all.

In a word, it can be said that, acai berries are an excellent choice to treat Insomnia or sleep disorder.