puffy eyes

What Are Puffy Eyes?

What is Eye Puffiness?

Eye puffiness is a health condition that involves some mild swelling of the tissues surrounding the eyes. These swellings are associated with the accumulation of fluids, allergies, dehydration, aging, inherited genes, depression, high-intake of salt, sinus problem, insomnia, and fatigue among others. Severally, the term is used interchangeably with eye bags condition which is medically incorrect.

Considering that the human eyes contribute a lot to the facial beauty, there are many questions on how to remove the eye bags also known as blepharochalasis. This can be managed by first understanding the difference between puffy eyes and eye bags to prevent the wrong diagnosis.

Puffy Eyes and Eye Bags: The Difference

The truth is that your eyes’ appearances are the first thing a person notices after giving a glance. The two conditions may make you appear unwell. Since several factors cause puffy eyes and bags, knowing the significant differences between the two may play a role in alleviating them. Some of their differences include;

  • Eye bags results from the sagging and stretching of the eye tissue associated with fluid accumulation on the eye socket and loss of muscle tone while puffy eyes are the mild swellings and dark circles on the eye tissue that gives one a tired and bruised appearance.
  • The eye bags are evident beneath the lower eyelid while eye puffiness appears on the entire tissues around the eyes (orbits.)
  • According to an American certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Bermant, eye bags may result from conditions such as obesity, allergies, aging processes, and even from health issues. On the other hand, eye puffiness may result from dermatitis, inadequate sleep, fluid accumulation, and even high intake of salt according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • An eye bag is a minor condition while eye puffiness is a major condition.
  • Eye bags rarely change their shapes and sizes, but become more pronounced as you age but puffiness changes daily due to the accumulation of salt and water.
  • Talking about diagnosis, under puffiness can be fully corrected contrary to the under eyes bag condition that can only be improved.

Dealing with Puffy Eyes

Now that you have understood what puffy eyes are and their causes it’s thoughtful to find the solution to it. However, if you inherited the trait from your parents, it cannot be corrected. In such a situation, embracing and applying facial make-ups remains the only option to minimize it. In addition to that, it’s recommendable to visit an eye specialist before engaging on other remedies since some individuals experience it which aging which is not a cause for alarm.

Permanent Solutions to Remove Puffy Eyes

Below are some of the permanent solutions on how to remove eye puffiness.

  1. Blepharoplasty: A surgical procedure that involves removing the fatty tissue and excess skin from your eyelids and tightening the skin.
  2. Chemexfoliation: Involves removing the damaged skin layers using a chemical solution.
  3. Laser skin resurfacing procedures or lasabrasion: it’s a medical treatment to reduce skin irregularities conducted through concentrating pulsating beams of light on the affected area thus removing the skin layers bit by bit.
  4. Take the skin products as per your eye doctor’s prescription.

DIY Remedies to Remove Puffy Eyes

Besides that, the swollen eye condition can be corrected using the below temporary remedies;

  • Taking enough rest that includes having enough sleep depending on your age and health condition.
  • Take meals containing little amount of salt or no salt at all.
  • Embrace potassium-rich diets that assist in the elimination of excess water from your body. These foods include; bananas, potatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, pears, mushrooms, and apricots among others.
  • Get used to splashing your face with cold water.
  • Take large volumes of fluids on daily occasions to prevent dehydration.
  • Applying sliced cucumbers or tea bags over your closed eyes also works miracles in reducing the swellings.
  • In case your eye puffiness is caused by allergies, you can use eye drops to reduce irritation.
  • Also, hemorrhoid cream containing phenylephrine helps as it constricts blood vessels, therefore, reducing the eyelid darkness. In addition to that, it minimizes the chances of fluid leakage from the underneath blood vessels.
  • To prevent fluid accumulation, elevate your head using two pillows while sleeping.
  • Deflate your eyeballs using frozen teaspoons. This involves placing one spoon on the eyeball with the curved side down and then replacing it with a cold one after it warms (repeatedly.)

However, before applying the hemorrhoid creams or attending to any correction procedure, it’s advisable to consult an eye specialist since you may experience chemical conjunctivitis if such products get into your eyes. This also applies to other home remedies since correcting puffy eyes depends on its cause.