cucumber for puffy eyes

3 Best Treatment for Puffy Eyes

Puffy eye happens to be the most common eye disorders that attack people of all ages. Puffy Eyes is characterized by the skin swelling around the eye. If you wake up and feel your eye have swollen chances are that you have puffy eye. The leading causes are smoking, dehydration, excessive alcoholic drinks, lack of sleep, heredity, and diet among other causes.

Puffy eyes will point you to three ways to treat them. The first is treatment under the knife for those who feel that time is their greatest enemy. They want their puffy eyes treated pronto. The second treatment is home remedies, especially for people who opt for a cheaper way. However, this will take much time. The third treatment is in between and as moderate as it can be. The therapy called cosmetic treatment in the form of creams and moisturizers.

Here are some of the best ways on how to remove eye bags

By using synthetic treatment.

One of the methods in reducing and eliminating these problems is by using eye skin care products. However, it is a must to know the ingredients of the product. One must be sure that the ingredients used by the product are natural and will not add further damage to the skin and especially to the eyes. Natural ingredients are usually not processed with chemicals, and they are non-synthetic. These ingredients have been proven to give guaranteed and satisfying results.

Creams are developed for people who do not want to go under the knife and then shed a huge sum of money. They are also chosen by people who feel that home remedies do not do the trick for them. Puffy eyes treated with creams are said to be treated as you can see the effect in one to two usage. This is one of the main reasons why people choose creams as puffy eye treatment. You have to apply the cream on the eye area, but being careful that product does not get into the eyes. Unlike home remedies when you have to make a lot of researching and mixing, creams are very easy to use.

Right sleeping time and diet In dealing with puffy eyes, you must have complete hours of sleep under and more than sleep will still result in puffy eyes. Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day; it is even better to drink more than ten. Hydrating the body will help our skin and skin cells maintain its health. Avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking. These are toxins which cause harm to our body and speed up the aging process. Eat foods that have minimal sodium content and preservatives. Exercise or even stretching for a few minutes is also needed to remove the stress. Drink a lot of water.

By using natural remedies.

As we all know our eyes are the sensitive part in our body. When looking for any type of eye disorder, its good not to consider synthetic beauty cosmetics. You need to consider organic and natural beauty treatments for your eyes. There are home remedies that have proven to work with negligible side effects. The best part of using the home remedy is that they are cheap and easily available. Here are some of the recipe for natural puffy eye treatment.

  1. On the black circles apply cucumber juice with a piece of cotton for 2-3 weeks doing it daily.
  2. Mix the same amount of honey and almond oil and honey. Then apply the mixture on black circles for a few weeks.
  3. Dip about five almonds in water for like 5 minutes and peel them. Grind or chew almond every morning.

Alternatively, you can make a paste and consume it with a quarter of a liter every morning for 21 days.

You can also use Ayurvedic treatment by using Chandrodaya. Chandrodaya Vati is a great Ayurvedic preparation used in under bug eye. You need to crush Chandrodaya and make it a paste and then apply it externally over the eyes. Chandrodaya Vati is have proven to be beneficial when treating different eye problems and inflammation. For your puffy eye, be sure that this product will work perfectly.

Puffy eyes are easy to treat as long as it is coupled with discipline and patience. Although these problems are not harmful to our health, they somehow minimize our self confidence. That is why we need to take care of our body inside and out for us to look good and earn the confidence we have always wanted.